Welcome Back!

As you might have noticed, I haven´t really blogged for about 3 months now. I just needed a break from everything. For the last six months I had been having a really bad time. Every little thing just added to it until I just couldn´t do it anymore. Generally, studying Psychology isn´t really the most relaxing thing. It´s hard and stressful to keep on top of things. Personal things just came to that as well. I had too much to do in not enough time and wasn´t motivated to spent my precious free time on anything. On top of that I lost my creativity and my way with words. There was really no point of me trying to blog. But there´s light at the end of every tunnel and I´ve finally reached that point.

Now I am finally feeling refreshed, motivated, creative and organized. It took me the majority of my semester break but last monday it just clicked. Since then I´ve got up every day feeling great and wanting to get things done. I´ve been planning out some blogpost and been working on the layout of my blog. With my new organization system I will be able to upload better content as quality is so much more important than quantity. You can now expect posts on Wednesdays and Sundays. Posting three times a week was just too stressful for me, so I decided to only go for two days a week.

I am re-opening my blog with a new and clear design. I´ve grown a lot over the past months and I think this design fits me better now. Personally, I love it and that´s what´s important. As you come back to my blog in the next few weeks you might seem some slight changes in this design as it´s not fully done yet. In this break I have thought a lot about where this blog is going and I don´t think beauty is the niche I should be focusing on. I want to write more about anything and everything that comes to my mind. For example, music and films have always played a big role in my life and I want to transfer this to my blog as well. This doesn´t mean there won´t be any beauty posts anymore though. I already have lined up some products I will be reviewing.

There´s also a new series called Friday Findings coming. It will be every few weeks as an additional post on Fridays. It will be my way of sharing amazing people with you. They might be singers, youtubers, actors or just someone that inspires me. I think some people just need a lot more recognition than they get even if they´re already well-known. I also want to everyone of you the chance to be just as inspired by someone as I am.

I am really looking forward to this new start. I feel great, I am motivated and I am finally creative again. Over time some things might change again or I might introduce another series to my blog but I am excited for all of it. I hope you will be there with me through this new start.


  1. Sometimes a new start is what you need. Been there - although I deleted my entire back blog, which was very liberating! Still, a change of direction and a bit of new focus can make all the difference. Hope you go on to enjoy blogging again :)

    1. Thank you so much. I didn´t want to delete everything that has happened in the past two years of this blog, so this´ll do for a fresh start. As of now I am really enjoying it again. xx :)


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