October Favorites

It´s almost been a month since I´ve been back to blogging and I am still feeling great about it. I definitely know now that organization is key. Before I wasn´t really organized, I was rushing posts and didn´t take time to take decent pictures. So organization and this blog are definitely two of my favorites this month. Actually, I could name a lot of favorites this month but I had to narrow them down to eight or this post would be a whole novel.

My first two favorites are actually things that I already featured on this blog. The Paperblanks Morris Honeysuckle Midi Notebook is definitely one of the prettiest notebooks I ever owned. I can absolutely have it laying around on my desk or stacked in with my normal books. As I explained in this blogpost I use it to write down worries and general thoughts to get them out of my head and it has helped me a lot with that as well. I can sleep much better now. The weather kind of turned at the start of this month and I can´t leave my house without a jacket on. I really don´t want to wear warm jackets yet, so I got into a habit of grabbing this blanket scarf from Primark whenever I go out. It´s two-sided and fits in with almost any outfit and it just keeps me warm and cosy when I´m out and about. To be honest, sometimes I just snuggle up with this in my apartment because it´s that cosy.

Here´s another favorite I already talked about: the Primark Beauty Blusher. I can´t tell the the name of the color but it´s a dark peach without glitter. I think it really suits my pale skin better than bright colors and it looks really natural on me. The warm tone also fits in really well with autumn make ups. It´s just very pigmented and blend able  and I wore this a lot. In terms of make up I discovered an old favorite again. I used to love the Maybelline Jade Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream but then I got my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and kind of forgot about it. Until now. I always opt for the one with salicylic acid as it helps with blemishes and spots and that´s something I really noticed recently. I´ve gotten way less spots and the ones I did get disappeared quicker than usual. I think BB creams in general are easy to apply and blend in nicely. This one in particular feels very light on my skin but still has an okay coverage. Also this lasts all day long.

I guess I can´t deny that autumn is here anymore, so I went full into berry lips last week. I got out my trusty Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. I wore this a lot last year and am definitely going back to it. I fall in love with the rich berry red all over again whenever I apply this. I also love the pretty light feeling of this and how long the color lasts. Last week I´ve also been trying out the Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in 060 Marry Berry. This has more of a lilac berry tone which is still gorgeous. I was kind of overwhelmed when I applied this. I do have to say that it´s very sticky and feels quite heavy on my lips. The actual color lingers pretty long though.

This is kind of a weird thing to put in my favorites but the Remmele Propolis Lotion has been a savior this month. It´s a stinky lotion that stains everything. My podiatrist gave it to me years ago when I had many issues with my toenails. I still have ingrowing nails every now and then and recently had two on my right hand. Also my earlobe had an inflammation recently. Propolis is basically bee glue that builds a waterproof, nourishing layer on your skin. The lotion consists of 20% propolis and 64 Vol. % alcohol. That way it nourishes the skin and the alcohol acts anti-inflammatory and kills bacteria. It fights any inflammation within a few days, trust me. The only thing about it is that it really stains everything including nails and skin.

Last but not least, I have been loving my Pajoma Perfume Oil in the scent Lavender this month. I heard that lavender scents are supposed to help you sleep and I recently had a hard time finding sleep, so I diluted this perfume oil with a lot of water and put it in a spray bottle. I now spray a bit over my bed before I get ready at night. I used to hate lavender scents but I actually enjoy them now. The scents lingers around really lightly and I can´t particularly smell it in bed but I do feel much calmer now.

This month has really been a good month speaking in favorites. The only thing I am really missing are books right now. I need to make time to actually start reading again. I guess that´s just a thing of putting my tablet down in the evening and picking up a book. So far autumn is off to a good start for me and I hope it stays that way. I would love to enjoy some more sunny days with crunchy leaves.


  1. Gorgeous shots, love the autumn colours. The Rimmel London lipstick looks so pretty and I also love the looks of that blush!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Thank you. I absolutely adore this Rimmel London lipstick. I want to wear it everyday.


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