October Favorites

It´s almost been a month since I´ve been back to blogging and I am still feeling great about it. I definitely know now that organization is key. Before I wasn´t really organized, I was rushing posts and didn´t take time to take decent pictures. So organization and this blog are definitely two of my favorites this month. Actually, I could name a lot of favorites this month but I had to narrow them down to eight or this post would be a whole novel.

All You Need To Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome

Periods. Every woman gets them almost every month for about 30 years and chances are that if you´re reading this you are a woman too. If you add it all up you end up with about 2150 days of period in a lifetime which is a lot. But even though it takes up so much time in our lives, somehow we neglect to speak about it. Yeah, we´ll say that we are feeling bad because we´re on our period but we forget talking about risks that are associated with periods. I am 19 years old, I´ve had my period for about 5 years now and I just learned about a big risk for the use of tampons two months ago. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a serious condition that is linked to wearing tampons and it´s not even covered in school. So I did a little research and will now tell you what TSS is all about.

Warning: This post might be a trigger if you have anxiety issues related to illnesses. I would advice you not to read it (especially not if you´re using tampons right now).

Trying Out Primark Cosmetics

As a student I can totally relate to everyone who wants to use make up but is on a budget. At the same time I don´t want to use bad products though. Naturally I was sceptic at first when I found out that Primark was releasing a make up range. Normally, make up this cheap isn´t a bargain but a disappointment. But when I went into Primark recently, my curiosity got the better of me and I bought a few products to try out.

How To Shave Properly

Shaving is the beauty world´s most annoying activity or at least I think so. I wish I wasn´t such a coward and could wax or epilate my legs but that´s not really an option for me. The spots, redness and itchiness on the day after shaving come right after the fact that you have to shave every few days on the annoying scale. After quite a few years of shaving I finally found a routine that helps me with that. Well, I still have to shave every few days but at least my skin feels better now.

The Notebook

Don´t worry.  I am not reviewing the film or the book called The Notebook. I really don´t want to go down that dark hole of tears again. Instead, I am talking about a notebook that I recently purchased and am in love with. I love notebooks but I kind of forget about actually writing in them most of the time. That´s different with this one. This one also has a special purpose in my life and has made my life a bit easier lately.

Money, Money, Money

For most of my life I have lived in a pretty small town. Even though there must be many living there that aren´t as fortunate, only very few people are in the streets begging for money. It was a real shock when I went to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria where every five metre someone was trying to sell me something. In that holiday I got into a habit of just ignoring anyone talking to me in the streets. That was until a few weeks ago when I had an encounter with a homeless beggar called Manfred while I was out shopping. He really got me thinking.

EOS Lipbalm: Worth The Hype?

The Evolution Of Smooth Smooth Sphere Lip Balms have been around for a while. I was always quite curious about them because they got so mixed reviews. One part was making them sound like the best lip balms on earth while the other (smaller) part could only tell how much those dried their lips out. With  £5.99 each they are very expensive for a lip balm, so I didn´t buy one until now. My local drugstore finally offered them and I just had to pick one up.

Fashion Favorite: Blanket Scarves

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion. I love jumpers, scarves and getting cosy even more than all the pretty summer outfits. One trend I am adoring this year are blanket scarves. I´ve seen a lot of them online and while I was out shopping. They are just so cosy and comfortable while still looking very fashionable. That´s perfect for autumn and winter!

Welcome Back!

As you might have noticed, I haven´t really blogged for about 3 months now. I just needed a break from everything. For the last six months I had been having a really bad time. Every little thing just added to it until I just couldn´t do it anymore. Generally, studying Psychology isn´t really the most relaxing thing. It´s hard and stressful to keep on top of things. Personal things just came to that as well. I had too much to do in not enough time and wasn´t motivated to spent my precious free time on anything. On top of that I lost my creativity and my way with words. There was really no point of me trying to blog. But there´s light at the end of every tunnel and I´ve finally reached that point.