June Favorites

I´ll just skip the part about saying how crazy it is that half of the year has already gone, okay? I´m sure enough other bloggers have mentioned this already. June has been crazy busy for me as I went away on two weekends and uni work was just piling up on my desk. I know towards the end of this month it´ll get crazy busy again as exams start but for right now I´m all caught up and happy.

With summer - and a big heatwave - coming around in June I have taken a step back from lipsticks. Instead I´ve been wearing lip glosses a lot more. My favorite definitely is Tanya Burr´s lip gloss in Aurora. It´s such a natural pink that just enhances my lips and gives them the right kind of glitter. I also really like the consistency and the smell of it (even though it´s really artificial and sweet). I just feel like lip glosses feel lighter on the lips and fade evenly which makes them perfect for summer. For my eyes I have mostly preferred a very natural look with only one eyeshadow spread across the whole lid. Whatever color of eyeshadow I chose, I also wore my Max Factor Kohl Kajal in 090 Natual Glaze on my lower waterline. It just gives my eyes that extra sparkle factor.

When it comes to nails, there´s only one nail polish I´ve been really using all June long. It´s Essie´s Resort Fling. It´s just such a pretty, summary and vibrant color. I love it! Sadly, it does need three layers for an even and opaque look, but it´s so worth it. One thing I discovered this summer is shimmering body lotion. I´ve always just heard bad things about it until I tried it out myself. Balea´s Bodylotion Golden Shine is the exception. It nourishes my skin, doesn´t transfer on other material (no guarantee for white bedsheets) and it isn´t waterproof. I also really liked the slight shimmer it leaves my skin in. No big chunks of glitter are to be seen, just a nice shimmer in the sunlight.

As I´ve been away just for weekends, I didn´t want to take my big girl camera with me everywhere. It´s honestly just too heavy and too big if you go for just one night. I took a chance and invested in a low priced compact camera. This one is the Sony Cybershot DSC-W830 that the employee recommended. First of all, I fell in love with it´s outer design. It´s matt black and really small. I didn´t want it to be able to do any fancy things, and this one is as basic as it gets. Still it takes amazing shots and videos (even on concerts!), the sound quality is pretty good and it´s really fast when it comes to taking pictures or even just turning it on. The one thing I really love is how easy it is to switch modes with this. No long search for the right one, just the tiniest upward/downward push on this control and tada. I don´t know anything about technical details or what special features it has built in, but if you´re interested google it.

The last two things are actually my top favorites from last month. I think I´ve mentioned it quite some times before but experiences are so much more worth for me than any physical thing. In June I was able to attend the first ever 12th Precinct Con, a convention for my favorite tv show Castle. As if meeting old friends again, making new ones and just feeling like myself for a whole weekend wasn´t enough 4 of the actors were there as well. They were the friendliest, heartfelt, funniest and most normal people I have ever met. It was amazing!

Just two weeks later I finally got my christmas present. In November I found out that Taylor Swift´s World Tour would also take a trip to Cologne, so I had to wish those tickets for christmas. In June the time had finally come. It was so awesome to hear and see her perform live. She is a great artist and a great person (for what I can judge). James Bay was her support and he was amazing as well. I also got to spent the weekend with my oldest friend who I barely see anymore. It was one of the best weekends ever.

Now that June and all of it´s great experiences have gone it´s back to studying for me. Just one more month and this semester will be done as well. I am really looking forward to the start of August but for right now I am making the best out of every day. I hope you´re doing that too.

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  1. Aurora is my fave from Tanya Burr's glosses! Have you seen the new packaging? I saw Taylor Swift this summer too, in Hyde Park. She was incredible! x



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