May Favorites

Because of uni work piling up I´ve ben lacking a lot a writing blogposts lately. Now it feels like every second post is a Favorites. The months just fly by so fast. I can´t believe it´s already June. I´m still sat here thinking we´re in March. There were a lot of things happening in May, most of them had to do with uni and me preparing a presentation. I still found some new loves or re-found old loves.

I´m that person that can´t really go out of the house without using perfume. I just incorporated it into my morning routine when I was about 15 and it´s become a really strong habit now. We all like to smell good, don´t we? On the other hand, I am also the person who owns 3 perfumes at most and only spends money on a new one when I finish one. Although if it´d be totally up to me I´d just use the same perfume over and over again. Recently I´ve almost run out of one bottle and switched to another one standing around. This is Victoria´s Secret Eau So Sexy which I bought when I was in London last year. I´d forgotten how much I loved the scent of this. It´s sweet and a bit darker, but not too strong. I´ve been wearing this almost every day in May and still there´s so much left!

Another old love is this essence nail polish in I Hol Di Mit´m Traktor Ab. I remember buying when I first moved and it seems to be an Oktoberfest themed one which fits my timeline. I think the color is gorgeous and really pretty for summer now. Sadly, it only lasts for about two days at most (even with topcoat). Speaking of topcoats. With getting back into nail polishes I also used the essence studio nails Better Than Gel Nails Topcoat a lot. It´s the best topcoat I know. It makes the nail polish last longer and somehow makes it dry faster. The gloss it leaves is amazing.

Finally, coming to two new loves I have found. Infused water. I´ve never been a fan of infused waters that you can buy. I just don´t like it. I stumbled upon a recipe for different self-made infused waters one day on Tumblr and got curious. So I bought all the stuff I needed (which wasn´t much) and tried it out. It´s amazing. I wouldn´t drink it all day, but I like to have one bottle a day just to switch it up and get some taste in there.

When I was planning my Top 7 Summer Lipsticks post, I went out and bought some new lipsticks to get a bit more variety (and because it´s a good excuse to splurge on lipsticks). In the end, it didn´t help to bring variety into my life. Since then I have mostly used the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in 005 Pretty Poppy. It´s a gorgeous corally orange which I think really suits me. I also love the texture and the staying power of this.

It´s funny how when I have a never ending to-do list I find time to watch movies and read books. That´s another thing I did a lot this month which I didn´t do in the months before. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy these things and how much they actually relax me. It´s the best way to spend the evening after an exhausting day.

I have to admit, there hasn´t been too much new stuff this month. I am just a person of habits. I like to use one product I trust and never switch it up. I´m just adding other products in slowly, one at a time.

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  1. where is your water bottle from? I've been on the hunt for something like this for a while now!

    Anita <3


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