Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer Review

This review is a long time overdue now. When I was in London last August I kind of had to pick these two product up as everyone was talking about them . The Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer were really popular last year. After I have now gone through one bottle of the foundation and two thirds of the concealer, I think my view on these is finally clear.

I was kind of skeptical towards the foundation at first because I did love BB creams more at that time.  This foundation has changed my mind though. I love the glass packaging with the bright orange lid and I couldn´t be happier with the pump dispenser. It´s so easy to get a bit of product to the back of your hand and then apply it to your face with a sponge. I was really surprised to find that this foundation has a really nice and fresh scent as well (even though scented make up is not the best for your skin!).

The foundation promises to visibly reawaken and illuminate your skin with a radiant glow. I wasn´t disappointed with that. There are tiny glitter particles in the formula that give your skin just a bit of shimmer to make it look healthy and glowing. I was afraid it would turn out too shining but it´s really just a healthy glow. A nice add on to this foundation is the fact that it has SPF 15 which protects your skin from the sun and is just great for spring and summer!

Also coverage and lasting power on this foundation are really good. I´d say it has a medium coverage that can be build up if you need any more. It is really easy to blend into your skin for a natural look and it stays on all day without creasing too much. I haven´t found that it clings too much to dry patches. One bottle of this has lasted me a good few months as you only really need one pump for your whole face. I really like this foundation!

The concealer complements the foundation perfectly. The formula also has these tiny glitter particles in it which give your look that glow. It is really easy to apply with the typical doe foot applicator and you don´t need too much of it. The reason I don´t like this as much as the foundation is that it´s really not great for any blemishes. With the glitter in it and not the greatest coverage, it doesn´t do a great job of hiding spots.

If used only on the eyes to look a bit more awake, this concealer is everything I wish for. I don´t have the strongest dark circles, so the coverage is just enough for me. The glitter particles add a really nice glow that makes me look more awake than I am on an average morning. The formula blends in perfectly with the foundation and feels very light. It also lasts just as long as the foundation does. The only thing is that it sometimes creases into those little wrinkles I got under my eyes.

After all, I do really like this combination. The Wake Me Up Foundation has quickly become my go-to-foundation and I barely use anything else anymore. Most days I use the concealer for the circles under my eyes. The glow it adds makes up for the creases in my opinion. I do stay with other concealers for my blemishes though. But this combination can make me look awake and healthy even on a Monday morning after 4 hours of sleep.

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  1. I remember one time I tried the foundation from a magazine sample and I didn't like it, the "glitter/shimmer" freaked me out haha.
    I do have the concealer, it's okayish for me, I'm still on a hunt for the best foundation and concealer drugstore wise.


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