April Favorites

May has come and sadly, it has only brought rain with it. I was really getting used to sunshine and warmth.  But April has been a very lovely month. I spent a lot of time at home with my family, the weather was mostly sunny and I could just lie on the couch without anyone judging. So it´s time to share my April Favorites with you.

First of all, with going back to uni I also got back into make up. I rediscovered my love for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which is a really great foundation for  spring and summer as it has this natural glow to it. It also has just enough coverage for the everyday life. I haven´t used any other foundation in April. With spring and sunshine there also comes lighter and rather pink blush. I hadn´t touched my Kiko Blush in 108 for all of winter but now I am loving it again. When it´s applied with a light hand, it´s a beautiful light pink color.

I already raved about the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Eyeshadow in my last review. If I was motivated enough to use eyeshadow in April, this one was the one I was going for. I love the color and the shimmer of it and the quality is just amazing. A real life saver in April has ben the Carmex Cherry Moisturising Lip Balm. When I got back to uni my lips were a dry mess and I had run out of my favorite lip balm. Wherever I went they didn´t have my favorite lip balm in stock, so I opted for this one instead. I can say that I don´t really miss my old favorite lip balm. This one does the job just as well and it also smells really good. It has really saved my lips.

On the side of fashion, April wasn´t really an exciting month. I went shopping once and bought quite a few items for summer but I didn´t wear them yet. Most days I spent in comfortable clothes or my PJs on the couch (because I was forced to it by being sick). Still whenever I went out I opted for these shows by Marco Tozzi. I think they are really pretty and they go with almost everything. Also I have never had shoes with heels be that comfortable. I think these are my second comfortable shoes (right after my Nike´s). 

There´s not been that many favorites in April but therefore I loved these even more. I am hoping for May to finally bring spring back so that I can move on to wearing all of my new pieces. It´s really sad just seeing them hang in my closet. I am just going on it with a positive vibe, hopefully that will help. If you´ve got some sunshine where you live, send me a piece of it, please.

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  1. Such good favourites! I'm in love with those maybelline tattoos, such good quality for the price!

    Beth x


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