Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

This whole Getting Back to Blogging thing has been going really great, hasn´t it? Okay, sarcasm aside, I am really sorry for all of that. My private life has been a mess lately and I´ve had an on/off relationship with some kind of gastrointestinal disease. Fingers crossed that all of that is finally sorted out! To get back into the blogging spirit, I am reviewing a product today that has been lying in my drawer for a while now.

The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Eyeshadow had been on my wishlist for a long while before I finally got my hands on it. I went for a more natural color called On and on Bronze. It´s a nice color between brown and bronze. The glitter inside is really tiny, so it gives it more of a beautiful shimmer. I think this color really compliments my green eyes and is perfect for a natural eye look.

There´s really nothing special to say about the packaging. I think it´s very compact and easy to take with you on vacation. I really like how you can actually see the color through the glass and a picture of it on the other side. If you own more than one of these that´s really handy for finding the right color in your stash. I don´t know how I will feel about the packaging once it´s getting emptier. I can imagine that it might annoy me as product can get stuck under my nails.

The quality of this eyeshadow is a dream, I have to admit. I was skeptical towards cream eyeshadows beforehand but this one has completely blown my mind. It´s really pigmented and I only need a little bit for each eye. It blends like a dream and stays on for the whole day without moving anywhere or creasing. For me a normal day is mostly between 6 and 10 hours and when I go to take it off it still looks like I just put it on. The best thing about this is that the glitter doesn´t get everywhere during the appliance. No more needing to clean your whole face after using a bit of glitter eyeshadow! 

I bet you have guessed by now that I absolutely love this product. It has found a place amongst my most used eyeshadows and it will possibly stay there forever. I am definitely looking to buy some more colors once the new month has come and I´ve got actual money to spend.

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