March Favorites

To start things off, I didn´t mean to take a break again right after I said I was getting back into blogging but oh well, the universe hates me. I spent the last two weeks sat on the couch watching awfully trashy tv because my bowel was infected. I couldn´t bare to watch a video on my iPad nor to even pick up my laptop. I´m sorry. I am definitely back now and am starting with my monthly favorites.

The first thing I loved in March is an old favorites. I think I have already talked too much about the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and you probably know all about it by now. To me it´s the concealer with the most matt look, the best covering power and quite a good staying power. I love it a lot. Another product I have used quite a lot last month is the Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Summer Pink. I bought this last year around summer time and it´s the one lipstick I grabbed when the sun came out in March (which was quite a lot of times). The color is perfect for spring/summer and it´s just generally a very good product.

The next two belong to the category beauty as well. For one it´s this Beauty Blender dupe called MakeUp Egg by ebelin. I have never tried the original Beauty Blender but this costs a fifth of it and I think is just as great. I don´t apply my make up with anything else anymore. The second product is one almost everyone loves but we all kind of forget to say it. It´s my InvisiBobbles. I was really sceptic at first as to why a hair tie would cost so much money but it´s totally worth it. Gone are the headaches and the dents that normal hair ties leave. Also I am more careful with those as they are pricey and haven´t lost one yet!

I fell in love with this ring the minute I saw it. Usually I like thin and elegant rings more but this one just caught my eye and I couldn´t possibly leave it in Primark. Since then I have worn it whenever I could and I still love it just as much. The colors are so pretty for spring as well. Even though it was getting a bit warmer in March, I still lived in my cuddly blanket. It´s so comfortable and comforting and cuddly and soft that I never want it to be summer so I can always go to bed cuddled up in it. I´ve actually got two of those. One is from Primark and the other I have taken with me from my parent´s house.

My last but definitely not least favorite of the month was spending time with family and friends. I hand´t been home since the beginning of the year and just being able to talk and cuddle them all has been amazing. Those are the moments when I really start missing them. It´s been a shame that my vacation only partly overlapped with everyone else´s so that I couldn´t spent as much time with each and everyone. This was definitely my favorite thing of the whole month!

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