Spring Fashion Wishlist

Last weekend marked the official beginning of spring and fittingly, the weather has completely turned around. I am staring out into the sunlit garden while I am typing this post and I couldn´t be happier. Now the time has come to think about spring fashion and I´ve got nothing to wear. Between big jumpers and summer dresses there´s just an empty hole in my closet. This morning I had a stroll around Polyvore to see what´s trendy this spring and I found quite a few things I really like.

Tops (Ally Fashion Elephant stripe semi cropped top,Charming Turndown Collar Long Sleeve Floral Printed BlouseKendra Plaid Shirt): I am really in love with those three. They´re all so different but and yet they all represent spring/summer for me. A simple but stylish top can be paired with almost everything. The blouse has just really caught my eye. I love the flow of the pattern so much and it has such pretty colors. I´ve wanted a plaid shirt for some time now and I fell in love with this one. I can wear it buttoned up or more as a cardigan.

Bottoms (Ally Fashion Ndn_bleached ripped jeanFloral Pleated White Skirt): I am always in need of another pair of trousers. Right now I am really into ripped jeans and I would love to find one that fits me. This skirt is simply gorgeous. I think it has the exact right length for my legs and I would love to see what I can pair it with. 

Accesoires (Micheal Micheal KorsSelma Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag - Light BlueSaint Laurent Black leather double buckle studded boots): One thing I definitely need this spring is another handbag. I really want one in a pastel color - but it doesn´t have to be Micheal Kors. Just a bag that looks very similar to this one. I´ve been looking for spring shoes ever since the sun started to shine and I would prefer ones with not much of a heel and a cool look. These ones would be perfect but would also be a bit too expensive.

I know that I am going to go shopping quite a bit before I need to go back to uni. I´ll probably return with a full new closet in my suitcase. Spring and the sun have made me really brave when I think of fashion and I hope I am actually brave enough to wear it all.

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  1. I love the blouse! Going to check their website out :)
    x GNAR MOSH x


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