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It´s been a long while since I actually sat down and started to write a blog post. It feels weird to do this again, but it´s a good weird! I am very sorry for making you wait so long, I had no idea studying would be this stressful. Today I wanted to ease into blogging again - and tell you how sorry I am.

You know how people say "You only realize how much you love something when you don´t have it anymore"? That´s exactly how I felt about blogging up to this moment. I´ve actually missed this so much! I wanted to write down reviews of all the products I used, I wanted to tell you about my new favorite songs and the books I recently read and just go out and take some great pictures in the snow. But sadly that wasn´t really possible because I had a lot of exams lined up in a short time and uni is more important than hobbies.

I mean, I could have put some posts online but I am not sure what quality they would´ve had. It´s still Quality Over Quantity in my eyes. I think I might put up a blog post on how to prepare yourself for exams as I´ve just been through 7 of them in just three weeks. That has really taught me something about how to study.

Currently I am sitting in a friend´s bed in Berlin with two of my friends and we´re just having some good old laptop time together as we´ve just really gotten up and ate chocolate cake for breakfast - and yes, it is currently 3 pm. I feel like I haven´t been this relaxed in a while. I also can´t wait to spend a few more days here in Berlin an do some good old shopping!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate you all if you´re still here after my month long absence from the world of blogging. I will now try my best to get it all started again. Hopefully from next week on it will all be back to normal!

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