Spring Fashion Wishlist

Last weekend marked the official beginning of spring and fittingly, the weather has completely turned around. I am staring out into the sunlit garden while I am typing this post and I couldn´t be happier. Now the time has come to think about spring fashion and I´ve got nothing to wear. Between big jumpers and summer dresses there´s just an empty hole in my closet. This morning I had a stroll around Polyvore to see what´s trendy this spring and I found quite a few things I really like.

Just Another Berlin Haul

As you might have gathered from my sudden peak in tweeting and instagram-ing I was in Berlin for a few days last week. Mostly I visited some friends who live there and have a good time but of course I couldn´t resist doing some shopping . Some might be the understatement of the year though.

Back to Blogging

It´s been a long while since I actually sat down and started to write a blog post. It feels weird to do this again, but it´s a good weird! I am very sorry for making you wait so long, I had no idea studying would be this stressful. Today I wanted to ease into blogging again - and tell you how sorry I am.