Blogger Award: The Versatile Blogger Award

At the end of January the absolutely lovely Carolin from Lunch Break Adventures nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It also is such an honor to be nominated by fellow bloggers for an award like that because it means that at least one person enjoys my content. It always gives me such a boost and leaves me smiling for at least a week. Thank you very much for nominating me, Caz!

Here are the rules:

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs.
5. Link your nominee’s blog and let them know.

I am not really good at sharing facts about myself because they´re all so clear for me. Also I often get way too deep (I´m sorry about that) but I have tried to keep these facts mostly lighthearted and funny.

1. I like the way I laugh when I am feeling happy all around. I don´t think that my laugh looks beautiful, but I enjoy remembering the time and seeing my own genuine happiness. That way I know the people I surround myself with are the right ones (talking about you, my Honeymilkies! <3)

2. I own two pairs of High-heels even though I can´t walk in them (they were just too pretty!). They just awkwardly sit in my wardrobe and stare at me every time I pick out something to wear.

3. In my life I have broken/lost more headphones than I can count. That´s why I always keep at least one extra pair.

4. Even though I own like 10 ballpoints I only ever use one at a time until it´s empty and then go on to the next one. I refuse to mix them up. Talk about obsessive behavior.

5.  I have gotten ridiculously obsessed with Skittles and ice-cream lately (yes, I know it´s still winter). If someone invented an ice-cream that tasted like skittles, I would be in heaven.

6. If my apartment would ever catch on fire, I would save my teddybear, my macbook, my iPad and my phone. I know that you could replace those as easily as everything else but my mind doesn´t think that way.

7. I am that kid that all parents love when it comes to visit and that all teachers love. There must be some kind of sticker on my forehead that reads "I am a good girl, I do no harm".

As far as the nominations go, I must admit that my life has been too busy lately to read anything on a regular basis, so I absolutely lack in the blogger knowledge department. I couldn´t get up to 15 nominations because I haven´t kept up with a lot of blogs lately, so I only have 10 lovely bloggers to nominate this time. I love reading your blogs a lot and am skimming through them even if I don´t have a lot of time on my hands.

Penny from A Penny For Them
Kudzai from BeautyLuxe
Vanessa from Circle of Chaos
Nicole from Cole of the Ball
Julie from Just Julie
Megan from Southern Charmed
Emma from Wallflower Wardrobe 
(I know you already did it, but wanted to give you the honor again)
Alex from Stella Etoile
Stephanie from Stepahnie´s Look

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