January Favorites

Only shortly into the year and we´re already approaching the scariest month of them all. I can´t say that I hate February because my beloved sister´s birthday is in it, but I kind of do. Statistically, February 2nd is the day we let go of our resolutions (especially those concerning food). If that´s not scary enough, there´s always Carnival and Valentine´s Day coming up and this year particularly I am having 6 exams in February. At least there´s also Winter Sale and cheap Chocolate that will get me through this month. I´d much rather stay in January though.

Before I start to only live in my pajamas and not use make up at all this month (studying can have positive side effects) I rediscovered some make up gems that were already lying in my drawer. The Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo in 32 On and On Bronze has been my go to eyeshadow. It´s easy to apply and blend, it lasts all day and the color is subtle enough for uni but still enhances my natural eye color. My Mac Lipstick in Kinda Sexy has been in that drawer for a while. I don´t know why I forgot about it. The nude is perfect for this time of year and only needs minimal care during the day.

To be honest, the Catrice Cosmetics Calligraph Eyeliner Pen hasn´t been lying in my drawer before. But I´ve been really impressed by this. My eyeliner skills are still pretty much non-existent but this pen has made me want to improve them. It has an incredibly small tip which makes thin lines so much easier. I haven´t noticed it smudging  and the color pay-off is pretty great considering the price. My favorite scent in January has been Victoria´s Secret´s Eau So Sexy. I fell in love with this perfume in the store in London last summer, but have always just worn it for a night out. Last month I got some of it on my scarf and since then I am even more in love. I am using this almost every day now. It´s just the right amount of sweet.

Fashion wise I haven´t worn much other than warm jumpers. This black and white one is has stolen my heart. It´s so warm and cosy! I would only live in this one if I could,  but I think that would get pretty gross after a few days.  Last month I have given up on food. My obsession with Skittles has reached a new high and I can´t help it. I just discovered that they do sell the sour version in Germany as well and since then I can´t live without Skittles in any form.

January has been a weird month for me especially with the exams coming closer with every day. Also I am not used to see snow after December and it just keeps snowing right now and I kind of love that. I liked putting a bit more effort into my make up for the past few weeks and rediscovering some amazing products. Especially since I know that February won´t be about make up for me.

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