Topshop Glow Review

With all the lifestyle on the blog recently, I thought I´d switch it up today and do a good old a review of a product I have come to love lately. You might already be able to guess this but this highlighter is another product I bought during my summer trip to London. To be honest, when I was in Topshop, I didn´t find too many clothes to my liking (and in the right price range), so I only bought one top and a lot of make up products. Between all the make up was Topshop´s Glow, my first ever highlighter.

Let´s do this old school and start with the packaging. It´s the typically cute Topshop packaging that I can never get enough of. It looks great, no matter in which bag you put this and everyone´s gonna love your highlighter. It´s a simple tin made out of glass that can be opened easily. The only thing is that it is hard getting the product out with a finger without having traces of it under your finger nail. Just as I sat down to write this review, I found out that this product has a quite unique smell to it. I can´t decide if I like it or not, but in normal use it´s not noticeable.

I have opted for the color Polished as it´s the lighter one and it fits my skin tone perfectly. It´s a light cream tone with tiny glitter in it. The highlighter is a cream highlighter which I thought would be hard to apply and feel heavy on my skin but the opposite is the case. It has a really soft and light texture and can be applied easily by dapping the product on with a finger. I like to use it to highlight my cheekbones and under my eyebrow and it works perfectly. When the light hits my face it gives a really nice shine to those areas which make them look a bit more special. The effect is also not too overpowering and in that way perfect for the everyday use.

Personally, I have fallen in love with this product. It´s beautiful and it has just the right effect for me. I love using this to give a simple look just that bit more. I adore that this is a cream texture because it makes the appliance so easy and doesn´t feel heavy on my face. To be honest, I don´t have a product to compare this to and I probably won´t get one soon as I love this highlighter just too much.

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