Songs I Am Loving

I have a very weird habit of listening to music. I will create a Spotify playlist which consists of my current favorite songs and listen to it on repeat for weeks. When I then find a new song I like, I just add it to that playlist and skip every other song on the playlist. After a while I have added so many songs that I decide to create a new playlist with just the newly added songs I like to listen to. And so the cycle goes onward. As a matter of fact, I created a new playlist just yesterday. I wanted to show you the songs I have been listening to on repeat before this playlist gets messy.

Blind Heart - Cazette
Superheroes - The Script
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
Cheerleader - Omi
Little Lies - Dave Barnes
Real Love - Clean Bandit
Heroes - Alesso
The Hanging Tree - Jennifer Lawrence
Blank Space - Taylor Swift
The Nights - Avicii
Get Over It - McBusted
Ring Off - Beyoncé

It´s a really wild mix, I have to admit. I really enjoy listening to music all the time, so I always need a playlist that can go with any mood. Most of these songs are quite upbeat and more on the happy side which is something I´ve needed recently. I have been very good when it comes to not singing along for the past few months but lately I just feel the need to sing along to every single song on this playlist. Being outside or next to my roommate has gotten very hard for me now. But I love that those songs put me in this mood, so I am not going to change my playlist just to not be looked at like a crazy person.

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