TV Shows I Want To See

You should be well aware that I am addicted to Tv shows. I just can´t help it, I fall for them so quickly. Winter is actually my favorite time to watch Tv shows. It´s cold outside so nobody wants to go out anyway, I can cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and most Tv shows are actually running and not on hiatus. It´s perfect.

My friends recommended an app to me this weekend called "TVshow time". It´s an app in which you can follow the shows your watching, keep track of which episodes you have already seen and how much time you have spend watching those. It will also notify you when there´s a new episode of a show you´re following available and show you on which shows you need to catch up. It´s genius! I don´t need to think long if I´ve seen this particular episode yet, I can just look it up. The green bar shows how much I´ve seen of this show already and it only shows upcoming episodes of shows that I am caught up with. This is literally everything I´m looking for in an app like this.

The app also brings the risk with it that you might find new Tv shows that sound so great that you actually want to start watching them. In that way, it is really bad for my social life but great for myself. I am always looking for new shows to watch. I´ve added a few shows to my app that I want to start watching soon.

Heartland                       -> I loved the books when I was younger, so I need to check this show out!
Under The Dome             -> I wanted to start watching it when it was on German tv but never got around to it.
Private Practice              -> I adore the character Addison and can´t wait to see more of her!
Orange Is the New Black  -> Everyone´s raving about that show, I think it is worth looking into it.
Make it Or Break it          -> A Tv show about dancing? I need to check it out!
Bun heads                       -> Another one about dance, same reason.
Breaking Pointe               -> The third one about dance. (I didn´t know there were that many Tv shows about dance)
Firefly                             -> I am a major fan of Castle and Nathan Fillion, so I should have already watched this one 
                                           but I haven´t yet. Shame on me!

Isn´t it interesting how I don´t have a special genre that I absolutely love? I can watch everything form comedy to drama to science fiction and still find it interesting. We will see how good those shows really are (as soon as I am caught up with all my other shows). It will be especially interesting with the dance shows as I think they could be quite bad but maybe they´ll surprise me. I´ve fallen for a lot of random shows lately.

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