New Year´s Haul

On the first weekend of January my parents drove me back to my new apartment and stayed with me for a few days. As the good child that I am I obviously took the chance and went on a big shopping spree with my whole family. As I got a lot of things that I absolutely adore, I thought I would share them with you.

To start my mom convinced me to get two basic shirts in grey and creme. Those two have a more interesting cut as they fall almost like cowboy shirts. They are incredibly comfortable and really loose which makes them great to wear under any kind of jacket. Another basic thing is this light jumper in a mustard color. I already bought this one a few weeks ago but it went a bit small when I washed it for the first time. So I just bought it again (or let my mom buy it again) and gave the smaller one to my sister.

I can never resist a big and comfortable scarf. This one also glitters and was on sale, so my mind couldn´t even process how fast my hands had stuffed this precious scarf in my bag. I also love the dark grey color of it. In a quite similar color I also got a big and long jacket. I love this, absolutely soft and thick. It just keeps me so warm and looks great. The other jacket is the only thing I didn´t get from H&M. It´s in a lighter grey color and has this leather sleeves. I love it and I can´t wait to wear it (which will probably be tomorrow). In a local shoe store I found a great pair of ankle boots that will really keep my feet warm. I like how they are just a bit different with the fabric on top of it and the layered look.

We also went to the drugstore as it was just on the way and we all needed some things. I got dental floss sticks and toothbrushes as I ran out them. My all time favorite concealer was empty for a few days then and I was desperate to get a new one. Because of that the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 was the thing I had in my bag first. I also bought a new deodorant that has no aluminum chloride in it and is only made out of a few ingredients. It´s called the Balea Med Deodorant Nebulizer for sensitive skin. It just sounded really great and I hope it´s a good deodorant. One of my favorite things from this haul is the new nail polish I got. It´s the P2 Total Repair Coat. I can apply it under the real nail polish so it helps my nail regenerate or I can apply it in two coats just by itself as it has a pink tone. It also has this really nice shine to it, so I love wearing it just by itself.

As you can see I got a lot of new stuff (and I didn´t really pay for it, my parents did). It was a very pleasurable day and my dad was so very patient with us. He waited for us to get ready in every shop we went to and didn´t say a word about it. I loved the day and I love all the things I got.

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