New Year, New Resolutions?

Wait, what do you mean, we already have 2015? Am I the only one that can´t believe how fast 2014 has gone by? Just on Christmas Day it had doomed on me that the year would be over in just a few days. I hadn´t then and still haven´t good ideas about Resolutions as rationally seen I only ever achieve very few of them. So this year I´ve gone for something else.

The new year was saved by a good friends of mine. With her Christmas card she also send this little white metallic box. It says "Make A Wish" on the lid and I think it´s just absolutely cute. In the card she suggests that I could write down a few wishes I have for 2015 and then open the box again on New Year´s Eve 2015 and see which ones I have accomplished. It´s the best idea ever!

It´s so much better than making Resolutions because I am not promising myself to do any of those but just dreaming a bit of things I would love to experience. On New Year´s Eve I don´t have to think `Oh God, I haven´t achieved everything I wanted´ but instead `Look at all those things I have experienced this year!´ I also made a point in only choosing wishes that involve experiences instead of materialistic things as experiences are worth so much more.

I absolutely love this idea and already can´t wait to open the box up again and re-live all the experiences. Until I can open the box up again it will look good in my room and fit in perfectly. It´s just perfect for me.


  1. I wish to visit London & Berlin as well :D Love this idea, very cute.


    1. Thanks. I love those two cities and can´t wait to be there again!
      xx Lisa


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