Favorite Winter Nail Polishes This Year

Winter is a hard time for our skin, our hair and our nails. The last few winters I was working in a bakery and therefore not allowed to wear any nail polish. Everyone has seen how bad my nails got during winter. Since I moved in September last year and had to quit my job, I am finally able to wear as much nail polish as I want (if I can make the time to sit still and apply it). 

At the start of November I was not so patiently awaiting for Christmas to come around and couldn´t wait to start wearing darker colors. I mostly grabbed an old favorite of mine; Essie´s Dive Bar. It´s a midnight blue with glitter that can look violett in some lights. I absolutely love this color. It really does remind me of a dark star-filled night sky. The closer it got to Christmas, the more I wanted to use typically Christmas colors. When I found the Essie Christmas Trio with a red called Jump In My Jump Suit I fell in love. I´ve worn it most of December with just a few exceptions. It´s the perfect Christmas red, not too dark yet not too light. Also it´s the usual great Essie quality.

Since the star of the new year, the weather has been slightly better and I am now awaiting spring to come around. It has made me go from dark nail polishes to rather light ones. The Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Bright and Early is one of my favorites. It´s a perfect bright pink with just a hint of orange in it. It really brightens up my day and every monochrome outfit I wear. I´ve also been a fan of nude nails lately and found Kiko´s Nail Lacquer in 217 to be just what I wanted. It´s nude but it still has a pink in it which doesn´t make my fingers look dead.

From my latest blog posts you probably could have guessed that the P2 Total Repair Coat would be in this list. I´ve been absolutely loving this one. I find that it actually helps my nails to stay healthy and it gives them just a bit of shine and color. It also looks so very natural. This is the nail polish I have been wearing whenever I needed a break from real colors but didn´t want my nails to look all bad and dry. It´s just the best nail polish ever!

As almost in winter, I went through two phases again this year. At the start I always want to wear dark colors but the closer it gets to spring, I am more and more tempted to opt for brighter colors as they lighten up my mood so much. I always think that that´s just something that I do but lately I have been seeing quite a few other women with bright nails, so I guess it´s normal (phew, that means I am not crazy). Do you like to wear bright colors in winter too?

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