Another Day, Another Haul

It must seem to you that I am going shopping at least once a week now. I promise to you, that is not the case. It just so happens that I have been shopping twice this month. Well, this trip into town can´t be really called shopping. I was visiting friends in Magdeburg and we went into the mall just to find something to eat. We didn´t expect there to be a massive sale at a shop called Colloseum where we´d find a lot of things that we liked. But we did, and of course we couldn´t leave them hanging there.

The first thing that caught my eye was this sweater. It looked so warm and comfy on the hanger and black and white are obviously the colors I am into this winter. I tried it on and I knew I was going to take this home. It is incredibly warm and soft. I love the knitted look of it and the high-low cut. The zipper on the back gives it a nice little twist though I would´t necessarily need the start on it.

This jacket wasn´t even my discovery but my friends. I´ve always wanted a jacket like this but never actually found a good one. I love that the sleeves are made out of leather imitate and that the rest is olive green. The dark/old gold details are gorgeous. I wasn´t really convinced until I saw that I could adjust the width at the hip to make it fit my shape. In that moment I fell in love. Also the almost straight cut on the end is doing good things for my legs.

I found this other jacket in the back of the store. It has this beautiful pattern in black and white on it and is really comfortable, soft and warm. I love that I can´t close it, instead it always falls down loosely in the front. I find the little threads at the bottom absolutely adorable. I was startled by the three quarter length of the sleeves at first but I´ve gotten used to it.

Lastly, we went into the drugstore so I could by my favorite mascara of all time again. I don´t need to brag about the Maybelline The Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara anymore, do I? It´s all that I want from a mascara. I would just like to find one to switch things up from time to time.

It actually was a lot of fun to just go shopping in one store. Me and my two friends also discovered that we pretty much liked all the same stuff. One of the friends also bought the green jacket and the sweater and the other one bought the monochrome jacket as well. They also encouraged me to spent money, so it´s all their fault.

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