Just a Sunny Day (FOTD)

Do you know how rare beautiful sunny winter days are over here? I think today marks the fourth time that I´ve seen the sun since I moved here. Mostly it is just grey outside. Since the lighting is always so perfect when the sun has come out and I´ve put some extra effort into my make up today, I thought I could share it with you. I haven´t done a Face of the Day for a long time.

Favorite Winter Nail Polishes This Year

Winter is a hard time for our skin, our hair and our nails. The last few winters I was working in a bakery and therefore not allowed to wear any nail polish. Everyone has seen how bad my nails got during winter. Since I moved in September last year and had to quit my job, I am finally able to wear as much nail polish as I want (if I can make the time to sit still and apply it). 

TV Shows I Want To See

You should be well aware that I am addicted to Tv shows. I just can´t help it, I fall for them so quickly. Winter is actually my favorite time to watch Tv shows. It´s cold outside so nobody wants to go out anyway, I can cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and most Tv shows are actually running and not on hiatus. It´s perfect.

Another Day, Another Haul

It must seem to you that I am going shopping at least once a week now. I promise to you, that is not the case. It just so happens that I have been shopping twice this month. Well, this trip into town can´t be really called shopping. I was visiting friends in Magdeburg and we went into the mall just to find something to eat. We didn´t expect there to be a massive sale at a shop called Colloseum where we´d find a lot of things that we liked. But we did, and of course we couldn´t leave them hanging there.

Girl Online Review

Over my Christmas break I finally got some time to read. A week before I had started reading Zoe Sugg´s first novel called „Girl Online“. It´s not Zoe or her fame that got me to buy this book (okay, that was a tiny part of the reason) but the KLAPPENTEXT. A book about a girl that has a hard time in school, writes a blog and then falls in love, could this be anymore like me? Well, I haven´t fallen in love yet but I can dream, can´t I?  This is going to be a long post (because I can´t make a book review short) so grab a cup of tea and some snacks and enjoy!

Songs I Am Loving

I have a very weird habit of listening to music. I will create a Spotify playlist which consists of my current favorite songs and listen to it on repeat for weeks. When I then find a new song I like, I just add it to that playlist and skip every other song on the playlist. After a while I have added so many songs that I decide to create a new playlist with just the newly added songs I like to listen to. And so the cycle goes onward. As a matter of fact, I created a new playlist just yesterday. I wanted to show you the songs I have been listening to on repeat before this playlist gets messy.

Topshop Glow Review

With all the lifestyle on the blog recently, I thought I´d switch it up today and do a good old a review of a product I have come to love lately. You might already be able to guess this but this highlighter is another product I bought during my summer trip to London. To be honest, when I was in Topshop, I didn´t find too many clothes to my liking (and in the right price range), so I only bought one top and a lot of make up products. Between all the make up was Topshop´s Glow, my first ever highlighter.

The `Me Time´ Tag

A few days ago I was thrilled to find out my fellow blogger and friend Caz from Stylelingua tagged me to do this lovely tag. I´ve seen it around a few times and found it to be a lot of fun to read. Somehow I didn´t think of doing it myself though, so Caz did me a great favor. It´s all about how I spent my well deserved Me Time.

New Year´s Haul

On the first weekend of January my parents drove me back to my new apartment and stayed with me for a few days. As the good child that I am I obviously took the chance and went on a big shopping spree with my whole family. As I got a lot of things that I absolutely adore, I thought I would share them with you.

December Favorites

I think I am complaining about how fast every month has passed in every single one of my monthly favorite posts. So today I won´t say that (even though it´s true). But we have January now and December was not only a month of Christmas shopping but also buying new products for myself. I have quite a few new favorites.

New Year, New Resolutions?

Wait, what do you mean, we already have 2015? Am I the only one that can´t believe how fast 2014 has gone by? Just on Christmas Day it had doomed on me that the year would be over in just a few days. I hadn´t then and still haven´t good ideas about Resolutions as rationally seen I only ever achieve very few of them. So this year I´ve gone for something else.