December Favorites

I´ve noticed that I´m not doing these monthly favorites thing very regularly. Sometimes it´s by choice (because I haven´t found enough new products to love) and sometimes I just forget (because I´m stupid). Then again I really love reading these posts, so I thought I´d round up the year with my favorites from the past two months.

New Year´s Make Up

Now that Christmas is over it´s time to worry about the new year. I mean, what do you wear and what make up look do you go for? A classic red lip looks to much like Christmas but a too sparkly look just looks hideous. Then again you can´t really go without sparkle, can you? Do you see my problem? At least there is enough free time around Christmas to try some things out. That´s exactly what I did and here is my result.

Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you get the chance to spend the Holidays with your family and to really enjoy the last of the festive spirit before it all ends. Personally, I´ll be spending these days writing an essay for uni while my family will watch one movie after the other. But at least I am home with them. As a little gift from me to you I´m presenting you my favourite Christmas market of all time. It´s "Tollwood" in Munich which calls itself a Winter Festival.

Christmas Outfit Inspirations

Christmas is just a few days ahead. Is there any need for me to say how fast the festive season has passed? Now comes one of the hardest parts of Christmas. What do you wear? Depending on where you´re from and your family tradition you might spend Christmas completely different from other people. So I came up with three Christmas outfit ideas that I definitely would like to wear on that day.

Winter Dreams II

Last year´s trip to Munich was amazing. Even though I went all by myself, I had the best time window shopping and strolling around the Christmas markets. Munich in itsel is a beautiful city, pair it up with Christmas lights, music and happy people, it´s just wonderful. So I decided to make this a tradition for every year. My trip down to Munich last Tuesday was just as amazing as the one last year if not a bit better because the weather was gorgeous too. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping and ended the day with a nice stroll around the Chrismtas markets. It was magical.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

I´m always excited to try out new make up (obviously) and months ago recently Tanya Burr re-launched her cosmetics range. I bought a nail polish and a lipgloss back in summer 2014 and I thought they were okay. I wasn´t just going to buy okay products because of a new design no matter how gorgeous it is. But I heard so many great things about them that I got really curious if something did really change. Naturally, I went and ordered three new products online. Instead of separating it all into three smaller posts I thought I´d just give you a full-on master post.

Winter Dreams

The season for Christmas markets is finally here. If you´ve been here for a while you will know that they are like my favourite thing around Christmas. I´ve done posts for two years about the ones I went to and I´m bringing Winter Dreams back. They´re honestly still my favourite posts to look back on. I remember the atmosphere and how happy I was at that point and the people I went with. It´s the best thing!

Also from a personal perspective German Christmas markets are still the best ones out there, so I´m giving you the chance to see them.

Day In The Life of a Psychology Student

December is here. It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Besides Christmas nearing in big steps it's also the time where many Youtubers do Vlogmas. I'm a very nosey person, so daily vlogs are my favorite videos. I also love personal posts and seeing what other people get up to on a daily basis. In that spirit I though why not share my typical day with you. So I took my trusty phone with me and took some notes and pictures throughout the day. To be honest I got the idea from Beth over from Toasty Writes. So thank you, Beth!

H&M Haul

Jeans H&M (similar) I Jumper H&M I Jacket H&M Divided I Shoes H&M Divided I Scarf Zara (black/white)

I will probably never forget the hype that surrounded H&M´s collaboration with Designer Balmain. To be completely honest, I didn´t know anything about it until the day that it launched. The only reason I did notice it was everyone on Twitter moaning that the website had a problem and they couldn´t order. Afterwards you couldn´t count the amount of Blogposts about it. Everyone and their grandma was showing off what they got. As this collaboration (or rather Balmaination) isn´t done here in Germany, I found myself getting a bit of a fashion envy. So I did what every rational person would do. I went into town and had a stroll in my local H&M.

Binge by Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is the Queen Of The Internet. There´s no way of denying that. He also is one of my favorite Youtubers to watch. His personality is just so happy, cheerful and sassy that his videos make me smile a lot. I like how straight forward he is with his opinion on things. No wonder I was pretty excited when he announced that he wrote a book.

"25" by Adele

Adele´s back! I couldn´t be happier. After "Hello" broke all the records, it´s no surprise that her new album was eagerly awaited by everyone including me. I probably was the last person to finally listen to "Hello" as it wasn´t played on the radio at first. It was love at first listen. It was everything I could have hoped for. But it also set very high expectations for Adele´s new album "25". Isn´t it lucky that this album can definitely fulfill those?

My Favorite Autumn Outfit

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed how much I love autumn. I have always loved it and this year it was especially gorgeous. Even thought it´s November now, we still get a lot of sun and a lot of warmer days over here in Germany. It´s almost ridiculous because Christmas is so close now but I´m still in full-on autumn mode. Luckily, sunny days mean that I can get away with wearing lighter outfits, so I´m getting out all the autumn colours again.

Suitcase Packing

Packing has always been the most stressful part of any holiday for me. I´m always worried I might forget something and I want to take everything in case of any situation happening no matter how unlikely it is. I just want to know I am prepared in case I do want to have an extensive pamper evening or in case I want to go out every night which never happens. Now that I´ve moved out and live far away I am traveling more than ever. I rarely get to go home but it´s always for a few weeks at least. Have you ever tried to fit everything for two months in one suitcase? I did and I failed.

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick Review

I should never be allowed to go into town without a shopping list. When I met my best friend for a coffee in town a few weeks ago, we wandered into our local drugstore just to look around. Unfortunately they had a special offer for lip products. You can already tell where this is going, can´t you? I saw these new Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks by Catrice and instantly fell in love with the colours. And because there was an offer on lip products I took all three with me, obviously.

What´s In My Make Up?

Many of us wear make up almost everyday. I can include myself in that list. But have you ever wondered what it is that you´re putting on your face daily? Yeah, I know foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer and powder. What I mean is have you ever thought about what ingredients those products have? I recently just realized that every make up product I own is basically just a combination of different chemicals that I trust to not harm my body. So I grabbed four of my current favorite products and did some research on the main ingredients.

Girl Online On Tour

Right now there are more Youtuber Books out than I can count on both of my hands and feet. It´s absolutely crazy! But I am all for #TeamInternet and I actually like many of the books I have read. Be prepared for a lot of book reviews coming your way. At the start of the year I reviewed Zoella´s first novel Girl Online and now there´s a second part out already. Of course I have to speak my mind about this one as well. So grab yourself a cookie and a tea and settle in, this is going to be a longer post.

P.S. I´m doing my best to keep this spoiler-free

Trying Out More Primark Cosmetics

I´m all about trying out new products. I feel like I can never have enough products even though I already have enough. My last post about Primark Cosmetics seems to be going down really well. I am still so impressed with the lipliners and the blush. Of course I had to go back and purchase some more products. I got curious if the other products would be just as great. This time I decided to focus more on eye make up.

Kiko 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster Review

I´m going to share a little secret with you: the thing I hate the most about my face are my eyelashes. Even though they have a pretty okay length they are just straight and have absolutely no natural curl to them. I have to curl them every morning and often that takes a big part away from the actual length. Luckily, the beauty industry has got me covered. There are a ton of eyelash serums around that are said to give you longer lashes. I get a shock every time I look at the prices. They go up to £100 easily. Imagine how glad I was when I found Kiko´s 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster for just £7.50. For me it was just £3 because they had a special offer for mascaras that day. I do have to admit I was a bit skeptical towards this product.

October Favorites

It´s almost been a month since I´ve been back to blogging and I am still feeling great about it. I definitely know now that organization is key. Before I wasn´t really organized, I was rushing posts and didn´t take time to take decent pictures. So organization and this blog are definitely two of my favorites this month. Actually, I could name a lot of favorites this month but I had to narrow them down to eight or this post would be a whole novel.

All You Need To Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome

Periods. Every woman gets them almost every month for about 30 years and chances are that if you´re reading this you are a woman too. If you add it all up you end up with about 2150 days of period in a lifetime which is a lot. But even though it takes up so much time in our lives, somehow we neglect to speak about it. Yeah, we´ll say that we are feeling bad because we´re on our period but we forget talking about risks that are associated with periods. I am 19 years old, I´ve had my period for about 5 years now and I just learned about a big risk for the use of tampons two months ago. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a serious condition that is linked to wearing tampons and it´s not even covered in school. So I did a little research and will now tell you what TSS is all about.

Warning: This post might be a trigger if you have anxiety issues related to illnesses. I would advice you not to read it (especially not if you´re using tampons right now).

Trying Out Primark Cosmetics

As a student I can totally relate to everyone who wants to use make up but is on a budget. At the same time I don´t want to use bad products though. Naturally I was sceptic at first when I found out that Primark was releasing a make up range. Normally, make up this cheap isn´t a bargain but a disappointment. But when I went into Primark recently, my curiosity got the better of me and I bought a few products to try out.

How To Shave Properly

Shaving is the beauty world´s most annoying activity or at least I think so. I wish I wasn´t such a coward and could wax or epilate my legs but that´s not really an option for me. The spots, redness and itchiness on the day after shaving come right after the fact that you have to shave every few days on the annoying scale. After quite a few years of shaving I finally found a routine that helps me with that. Well, I still have to shave every few days but at least my skin feels better now.

The Notebook

Don´t worry.  I am not reviewing the film or the book called The Notebook. I really don´t want to go down that dark hole of tears again. Instead, I am talking about a notebook that I recently purchased and am in love with. I love notebooks but I kind of forget about actually writing in them most of the time. That´s different with this one. This one also has a special purpose in my life and has made my life a bit easier lately.

Money, Money, Money

For most of my life I have lived in a pretty small town. Even though there must be many living there that aren´t as fortunate, only very few people are in the streets begging for money. It was a real shock when I went to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria where every five metre someone was trying to sell me something. In that holiday I got into a habit of just ignoring anyone talking to me in the streets. That was until a few weeks ago when I had an encounter with a homeless beggar called Manfred while I was out shopping. He really got me thinking.

EOS Lipbalm: Worth The Hype?

The Evolution Of Smooth Smooth Sphere Lip Balms have been around for a while. I was always quite curious about them because they got so mixed reviews. One part was making them sound like the best lip balms on earth while the other (smaller) part could only tell how much those dried their lips out. With  £5.99 each they are very expensive for a lip balm, so I didn´t buy one until now. My local drugstore finally offered them and I just had to pick one up.

Fashion Favorite: Blanket Scarves

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion. I love jumpers, scarves and getting cosy even more than all the pretty summer outfits. One trend I am adoring this year are blanket scarves. I´ve seen a lot of them online and while I was out shopping. They are just so cosy and comfortable while still looking very fashionable. That´s perfect for autumn and winter!

Welcome Back!

As you might have noticed, I haven´t really blogged for about 3 months now. I just needed a break from everything. For the last six months I had been having a really bad time. Every little thing just added to it until I just couldn´t do it anymore. Generally, studying Psychology isn´t really the most relaxing thing. It´s hard and stressful to keep on top of things. Personal things just came to that as well. I had too much to do in not enough time and wasn´t motivated to spent my precious free time on anything. On top of that I lost my creativity and my way with words. There was really no point of me trying to blog. But there´s light at the end of every tunnel and I´ve finally reached that point.

June Favorites

I´ll just skip the part about saying how crazy it is that half of the year has already gone, okay? I´m sure enough other bloggers have mentioned this already. June has been crazy busy for me as I went away on two weekends and uni work was just piling up on my desk. I know towards the end of this month it´ll get crazy busy again as exams start but for right now I´m all caught up and happy.

May Favorites

Because of uni work piling up I´ve ben lacking a lot a writing blogposts lately. Now it feels like every second post is a Favorites. The months just fly by so fast. I can´t believe it´s already June. I´m still sat here thinking we´re in March. There were a lot of things happening in May, most of them had to do with uni and me preparing a presentation. I still found some new loves or re-found old loves.

Top 7 Summer Lipsticks

I am currently obsessed with lipsticks. Especially bright colors for spring and summer have taken over my lips (and my heart). Maybe Zoella´s latest video also had something to do with it. I now really want the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Peach Poppy but they don´t have it in Germany. So I´m going to have to stick with what I have in my own drawer for now. They´re are quite a few bright lipsticks in it.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer Review

This review is a long time overdue now. When I was in London last August I kind of had to pick these two product up as everyone was talking about them . The Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer were really popular last year. After I have now gone through one bottle of the foundation and two thirds of the concealer, I think my view on these is finally clear.

April Favorites

May has come and sadly, it has only brought rain with it. I was really getting used to sunshine and warmth.  But April has been a very lovely month. I spent a lot of time at home with my family, the weather was mostly sunny and I could just lie on the couch without anyone judging. So it´s time to share my April Favorites with you.

My Weird Taste in Music

Despite of how much I love music I have found myself not wanting to listen to my own playlists lately. I don´t know why but I just didn´t feel like it. Instead I was going on my daily routine barely listening to any music which is weird especially on bus rides. That was until I found some old music I still had stored on my phone from before I used Spotify. Somehow this was exactly what I needed. I haven´t stopped listening to this old Happy Songs playlist since then.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

This whole Getting Back to Blogging thing has been going really great, hasn´t it? Okay, sarcasm aside, I am really sorry for all of that. My private life has been a mess lately and I´ve had an on/off relationship with some kind of gastrointestinal disease. Fingers crossed that all of that is finally sorted out! To get back into the blogging spirit, I am reviewing a product today that has been lying in my drawer for a while now.

March Favorites

To start things off, I didn´t mean to take a break again right after I said I was getting back into blogging but oh well, the universe hates me. I spent the last two weeks sat on the couch watching awfully trashy tv because my bowel was infected. I couldn´t bare to watch a video on my iPad nor to even pick up my laptop. I´m sorry. I am definitely back now and am starting with my monthly favorites.

Spring Fashion Wishlist

Last weekend marked the official beginning of spring and fittingly, the weather has completely turned around. I am staring out into the sunlit garden while I am typing this post and I couldn´t be happier. Now the time has come to think about spring fashion and I´ve got nothing to wear. Between big jumpers and summer dresses there´s just an empty hole in my closet. This morning I had a stroll around Polyvore to see what´s trendy this spring and I found quite a few things I really like.

Just Another Berlin Haul

As you might have gathered from my sudden peak in tweeting and instagram-ing I was in Berlin for a few days last week. Mostly I visited some friends who live there and have a good time but of course I couldn´t resist doing some shopping . Some might be the understatement of the year though.

Back to Blogging

It´s been a long while since I actually sat down and started to write a blog post. It feels weird to do this again, but it´s a good weird! I am very sorry for making you wait so long, I had no idea studying would be this stressful. Today I wanted to ease into blogging again - and tell you how sorry I am.

Blogger Award: The Versatile Blogger Award

At the end of January the absolutely lovely Carolin from Lunch Break Adventures nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It also is such an honor to be nominated by fellow bloggers for an award like that because it means that at least one person enjoys my content. It always gives me such a boost and leaves me smiling for at least a week. Thank you very much for nominating me, Caz!

January Favorites

Only shortly into the year and we´re already approaching the scariest month of them all. I can´t say that I hate February because my beloved sister´s birthday is in it, but I kind of do. Statistically, February 2nd is the day we let go of our resolutions (especially those concerning food). If that´s not scary enough, there´s always Carnival and Valentine´s Day coming up and this year particularly I am having 6 exams in February. At least there´s also Winter Sale and cheap Chocolate that will get me through this month. I´d much rather stay in January though.

Just a Sunny Day (FOTD)

Do you know how rare beautiful sunny winter days are over here? I think today marks the fourth time that I´ve seen the sun since I moved here. Mostly it is just grey outside. Since the lighting is always so perfect when the sun has come out and I´ve put some extra effort into my make up today, I thought I could share it with you. I haven´t done a Face of the Day for a long time.

Favorite Winter Nail Polishes This Year

Winter is a hard time for our skin, our hair and our nails. The last few winters I was working in a bakery and therefore not allowed to wear any nail polish. Everyone has seen how bad my nails got during winter. Since I moved in September last year and had to quit my job, I am finally able to wear as much nail polish as I want (if I can make the time to sit still and apply it). 

TV Shows I Want To See

You should be well aware that I am addicted to Tv shows. I just can´t help it, I fall for them so quickly. Winter is actually my favorite time to watch Tv shows. It´s cold outside so nobody wants to go out anyway, I can cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and most Tv shows are actually running and not on hiatus. It´s perfect.

Another Day, Another Haul

It must seem to you that I am going shopping at least once a week now. I promise to you, that is not the case. It just so happens that I have been shopping twice this month. Well, this trip into town can´t be really called shopping. I was visiting friends in Magdeburg and we went into the mall just to find something to eat. We didn´t expect there to be a massive sale at a shop called Colloseum where we´d find a lot of things that we liked. But we did, and of course we couldn´t leave them hanging there.

Girl Online Review

Over my Christmas break I finally got some time to read. A week before I had started reading Zoe Sugg´s first novel called „Girl Online“. It´s not Zoe or her fame that got me to buy this book (okay, that was a tiny part of the reason) but the KLAPPENTEXT. A book about a girl that has a hard time in school, writes a blog and then falls in love, could this be anymore like me? Well, I haven´t fallen in love yet but I can dream, can´t I?  This is going to be a long post (because I can´t make a book review short) so grab a cup of tea and some snacks and enjoy!

Songs I Am Loving

I have a very weird habit of listening to music. I will create a Spotify playlist which consists of my current favorite songs and listen to it on repeat for weeks. When I then find a new song I like, I just add it to that playlist and skip every other song on the playlist. After a while I have added so many songs that I decide to create a new playlist with just the newly added songs I like to listen to. And so the cycle goes onward. As a matter of fact, I created a new playlist just yesterday. I wanted to show you the songs I have been listening to on repeat before this playlist gets messy.

Topshop Glow Review

With all the lifestyle on the blog recently, I thought I´d switch it up today and do a good old a review of a product I have come to love lately. You might already be able to guess this but this highlighter is another product I bought during my summer trip to London. To be honest, when I was in Topshop, I didn´t find too many clothes to my liking (and in the right price range), so I only bought one top and a lot of make up products. Between all the make up was Topshop´s Glow, my first ever highlighter.

The `Me Time´ Tag

A few days ago I was thrilled to find out my fellow blogger and friend Caz from Stylelingua tagged me to do this lovely tag. I´ve seen it around a few times and found it to be a lot of fun to read. Somehow I didn´t think of doing it myself though, so Caz did me a great favor. It´s all about how I spent my well deserved Me Time.

New Year´s Haul

On the first weekend of January my parents drove me back to my new apartment and stayed with me for a few days. As the good child that I am I obviously took the chance and went on a big shopping spree with my whole family. As I got a lot of things that I absolutely adore, I thought I would share them with you.

December Favorites

I think I am complaining about how fast every month has passed in every single one of my monthly favorite posts. So today I won´t say that (even though it´s true). But we have January now and December was not only a month of Christmas shopping but also buying new products for myself. I have quite a few new favorites.