Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas! I promised you the second part of my trip to Munich and what better time to give it to you than on the 24th? So here is what I saw on a Christmas market called Tollwood.

As far as I can judge it Tollwood is a Christmas market that really encourages looking out for our environment. They only use green power and I got the feeling most of the things sold there are handmade only out of good sources. They have built up six big tents in which there are a theater, a bar/cafĂ©, an exhibition, a food market and two bazaars. That means even if it´s raining outside you still can enjoy a trip down to the Christmas market.

On the outside there are big wood sculptures (like one with a big pig in a cage that can spit fog out of his nose) and mostly food booths or booths that offer alcoholic drinks.  Because it´s such a big Christmas market you get a much bigger range of food and drinks. The only thing repressed my enthusiasm was that it wasn´t as festive as other Christmas markets. The christmassy decorations on the booths were missing, there was no typical red and white decorations anywhere, no one had a sleigh on top of their booth. I understand it from a green perspective (decorations are just more waste) but my festive self wasn´t enjoying it as much.

Tollwood is still something you should definitely check out when you get the chance too. It is introducing itself as more as a festival than a real Christmas market and I definitely agree with that. It´s fun, it´s big, it´s green and it looks cool. I was very glad to have been there and will probably visit again next year.

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  1. The Christmas market looks so pretty and cute! The pictures you took whilst there are so good, I really enjoyed looking at them.
    If you had a chance please could you check out my blog as I've only recently made it. Thank you.


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