Winter Dreams

There are no words to explain how excited I am for Christmas. I have always loved Christmas time since I can remember but this year it´s gotten to a whole new level. I can´t wait to go home for Christmas and at the same time there´s a big Christmas market in my city (and it lasts for four weeks!). Christmas markets and Christmas decorations are probably the two things that make me really excited for the whole time. Everywhere you look it´s just so beautiful and sweet and cheesy (but that´s okay because it´s Christmas time). I already did this last year and I am going to continue it: showing you beautiful pictures of Christmas markets I go to.

"Enchanted Forest"

I couldn´t believe how lucky I was that in this town there´s a really big Christmas market that lasts longer than just a weekend. It´s been going on for almost two weeks now and I have already been there four times just to look around. (Oops, it´s just too close to where I live).  The only downside with the bigger Christmas market is that it´s always crowded. But everything else is literally perfect.

It smells amazing and delicious, there´s always a Christmas jingle coming from somewhere (mostly from the two carousels). Beside the amazing food booths there are also many booths selling cheesy little things that I could drown myself in if I am not holding myself back. I love the living Christmas crib that is located in the middle of the market right next to the big Christmas tree. There are sheep and a donkey in there. Everything is beautifully decorated with fairy lights. The best though is the enchanted forest. They literally built up an enchanted forest for the children that is filled with scenes from fairy tales. There´s a even a narrow-gauge railway! I wish we had something like that on the Christmas market when I was younger as I got bored so easily going on a Christmas market.

It´s just one of the best Christmas markets I have been on yet. I absolutely love that I can go on it more often because it´s so close to me and lasts for four weeks. It´s just such an amazing atmosphere that makes me even more excited for Christmas and how could I not?

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