Winter Dreams II

You will probably now that I am quite obsessed with Christmas markets. Since I´ve been living near to Munich now I didn´t want to pass on the opportunity of visiting the Christmas markets there. So instead of listening to a lecture about social psychology I decided to take the train up to Munich instead and it was the right decision.

I wasn´t sure where to go first (as there are many christmas markets in Munich) but decided on the "Christkindl Markt" in the main shopping mile. It´s quite a small Christmas market but it´s widely spread through half of the shopping mile. Next to the shops there are just food booth or booths selling Chrismtas decorations. All the booths have such nice decorations on them that you can´t help but feel extremely festive. The sellers are incredibly friendly and smile when a customer approaches which always gives it a good feeling.

Furthermore, the trees and lanterns are decorated as well. If you stand beneath a group of trees with decorations it almost feels magical (if you can ignore the road at one side of you). All the lanterns have star decorations on them that makes them look so festive and cute. Also many houses are lightened or have pretty light decorations on them which just makes it more magical.

At the end of the shopping mile there is a big place (Karlsplatz) on which they built an ice rink. It has disco lights at the end of it, a food booth and watching area integrated and there´s Christmassy music playing. Could it get any more festive? I would have loved to go onto the ice rink but as I was going alone (and my legs did already hurt from walking a lot) I passed on the opportunity and went on to the next Christmas market.

I´ve had an amazing time in Munich and shot over 200 pictures because I loved the festive atmosphere so much. If you find yourself in Munich around Christmas time in the future, try to go to the Christkindl Markt. It is very lovely and you will be able to buy many of your Christmas presents there as it directly in the shopping mile. This will just be the first part of my Munich adventures as the other Christmas market I went to, Tollwood, is so big it deserves a post on its own. It is a different, but still very lovely Christmas market!

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