20 Things You Don´t Want To Know About Me

Is this a tag already? I don´t know. I just know that I learned quite a lot about myself over the past months with the big cut and all the stress shooting my way. Why not share those things with random people on the internet? (No, you´re actually not random people, I consider you my friends) It´s a bit like the Random Facts About Me Tag but then still not exactly the same. Those are things I don´t necessarily feel the need to tell anyone about because it´s really not something anyone would like to know about me. I hope they humor you nonetheless.

1. Not doing physical exercise makes me depressiv. On the other hand, doing physical exercise makes me feel good about myself.
2. I always say I am going to eat healthy but then something delicious comes my way and it´s over. I do cook pretty healthy though.
3. I don´t wash my hands as often as others. It just takes up too much off my time but I do make sure to wash them after the bathroom visit and before cooking.
4. If I have done something wrong, I´ll pretend it wasn´t me until everyone believes me. Sometimes, I even believe my version more.
5. I always say I´m going to stop nibbling but I actually have never done it. I´m getting pretty good at growing my nails though.
6. Doing the dishes and cleaning my room have become two of the most relaxing activities for me.
7. I like the attention of people. I will try to turn every conversation my way even if it doesn´t make sense. When I have the attention, I often shy away though.
8. When there´s too many things to do, I can´t think straight and won´t get anything done.
9. I am way too motivated when it comes to studying. Yet, I am still always complaining about it.
10. When I enter my clean room, it´s like a bomb explosion. Boom, and everything is messy again.
11. Catching up on TV shows actually feels like I am getting something done. I get really stressed if I am not caught upon everything.
12. I basically want to own every picture that exists in the universe. I don´t know why I feel the need to.
13. If I am stressed in a situation or too many things go the wrong way, it´s like all my anger wants to get out at once. I start yelling at random people and then feel very sorry about it.
14. I can´t forget random things I say if they trigger a negative reaction with others. Even if the topic never comes up ever again.
15. I always feel like the worst friend in the world and try to make up for it with sweet gifts.
16. I neither like to text nor to call people. Keeping in contact with me is really difficult.
17. I compare myself to everyone around me. Mostly, I pity myself afterwards.
18. I get embarrassed even if the situation isn´t that embarrassing at all.
19. I talk too much. Sometimes it doesn´t even make sense in context when I start talking.
20. My jokes are never funny

Well, that was interesting. Funny, how easy such things actually come to mind. The tiny bit of research I did showed nothing towards this tag already existing, so I want to start it. Here come the people I´d like to tag:

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I love their blogs so much that I doubt I would´t like them anymore after reading their 20 Things I Don´t Want To Know About Them. I hope the same goes for you now that you´ve read those things about me. If you do any of those as well, let me know as that would show me that I am not alone. Also check out the people that I tagged as they have amazing content on their blogs and they are such lovely people (unless they don´t do this tag, then they´re just mean.... just kidding!)

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