November Favorites

It´s already December and I am in a catch 22 between being overly excited for Christmas and not wanting to believe that the year is almost gone now. Anyways, the start of a new month always means it´s time to share my favorite things from the last one. Writing down my monthly favorites has easily become one of the posts I enjoy doing and reading most. It´s a nice way to reflect on all the positive memories.

To start with I have fallen in love with my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer again. I actually forgot how great this concealer is until I used it again this month. It´s definitely one of the best concealers you can get in the world of make up. Also I have loved the Astor Eye Artist Kajal in 090 Ebony. It´s supposed to be waterproof and long lasting and those are exactly the things I have experienced with it. That it doesn´t smudge at all and has a very smooth texture are to more bonuses. I haven´t worn kajal a lot this month but when I did, it was this one. As mentioned in my last post the Topshop Blush in Flush has also been a favorite for me. I have worn this almost every day for the natural look and the easy appliance.

More than some random products I loved experiences this month. I was very lucky to get some last minute tickets for Ed Sheeran in Munich this month and it was absolutely amazing! I still can´t get over how beautiful his voice and how great his character is. You know what also came out this month? Mockingjay Part I. I loved all the books and the first two movies and this one has been no exception. Since then I can´t stop thinking about it and have been analyzing every detail with my friends. But on the other hand, I found those incredibly funny videos on youtube where they tried to read the characters lips and went horribly wrong (link). It´s too funny for me to handle! Last but not least, I have enjoyed watching Devious Maids with two of my friends. It has become a tradition to watch it together. Even though I wasn´t really keen on watching it at first I really got into it (which I think is my friends´ fault as they were always so excited). I´m gonna miss this tradition while we wait for the second season to air in Germany.

November has been a month that has passed really quickly but thinking back on it had some amazing experiences. I think seeing Ed Sheeran definitely has been my favorite part. I just loved it and still can´t really put it all into words. It were definitely the experiences and the memories that are my total favorites this month!

Have a wonderful day

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