Essie Nail Polish Trio - Review

Do you know what the worst thing about Christmas shopping is? You become so tempted to buy other products you don´t really need (neither for a present nor for yourself). For me one of those products was this Essie Nail Polish Trio in beautiful christmassy colors of red, white and gold. Because I don´t own a single nail polish in one of those colors (that´s such a lie!).

*applied in two layers with added topcoat

I absolutely fell in love with the colors when I saw them for the first time.  For some reason they really capture Christmas for me. The white color is called Tuck It In My Tux. It´s a gorgeous white with a lilac undertone. It´s the color of snow when there´s a blue sky. The undertone also makes it a bit more interesting than a simple white. It needs about three thin coats until it´s opaque which is normal for white colors.

The red color is named Jump in My Jumpsuit. At first it looks like your average red nail polish but I find that it has something special to it. It´s not a dark red but also not a light red, it´s the perfect middle between those two. It´s already opaque in one layer. The golden (and most beautiful one) is called Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo. It´s just an amazing gold with such tiny gold and silver glitter in it that it feels absolutely smooth on the nail. I love how it shimmers silver or gold depending on the way the light shines on it. It´s opaque in one layer but looks way better with two.

All the colors are beautiful and have that gorgeous shine to them that Essie nail polishes always have. It could just go without any topcoat but I like to add a topcoat just to preserve the polish. The quality is still amazing and the appliance ever so easy with the perfectly thick brush. You know, it´s exactly what you expect from Essie. I have worn the colors for almost a week without it majorly chipping. Even though all colors are beautiful, the gold one is definitely my favorite. It´s just gorgeous and perfect for the holidays! I will definitely wear it on Christmas Day and New Year´s Eve because I love it so much.

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