Soap & Glory´s Clean On Me - Review

"Yes, you can have it all... soft, smooth sexy skin whenever you want it, just clean on me." Those words had sold this product to me in no time when I was in London this summer. Now that winter has come, the air is cold and the time of not so smooth skin has come, I finally got around to trying Soap & Glory´s infamous Clean On Me.

The packaging is pretty average but it works really well with the slightly orange-pink color of the actual shower gel and the pink and yellow on the otherwise clear packaging. I adore the 50´s style of the whole design (is that the right time period?). The best thing about it is that it´s a pump so there´s no slippery opening of a tube.

The smell is something I will not be trying to describe too much. It´s sweet and fresh at the same time. For me, I had to get used to at first but now I love it! Sadly, the scent doesn´t last too long on my skin. I love the texture of the shower gel. It´s thick and can be nicely lathered up in the shower. It builds a bit of foam but not too much. It´s just a great texture for winter time.

On the packaging it says "with natural mandarin peel extract and built-in body lotion". I can definitely say that it cleans my skin and leaves it feeling very soft. I think that it does a great job especially since I haven´t found my skin to be dry yet. As for the built-in body lotion part, I feel like some part of that is true. I just recently shaved my legs and was expecting it to get red spots and really itchy but that only partly happened. I was very surprised to not find my skin to get any red sports, but my legs are still a bit itchy. Still it´s such an improvement. I don´t have to worry about red legs if I shave them in the morning anymore. I think that speaks for how nourishing this shower gel is. But I wouldn´t say it replaces using body lotion from time to time.

I love this shower gel for how nourishing it is and for the smell. Also the pump is incredibly handy in the slippery shower. In the end, I can´t see myself using it during spring or summer as the texture is just a bit too thick for the lighter seasons and the smell is not fruity enough for summer at all. But as long as it´s still cold outside, I will use this almost everyday and hope that 500 ml will last me through this winter.

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  1. I'm so happy to see a review this because it's my favourite from Soap&Glory and it's not as popular as the rest of the stuff in the brand :)
    Great post!!

    Alice x


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