My Christmas Decorations

Christmas is so close now I can almost smell the fondue already (yes, over 600 kilometers of distance). I am going home this afternoon and can´t wait to finally see a fully decorated house because my apartment is just lacking in this department. Since my parents are coming to stay with me after the holidays for a few days, I thought I´d set up some Christmas decorations just to trick them into thinking I did so. If you haven´t decorated anything yet as well, this weekend is your chance!

As I have a wall painted in antique pink, I can´t really go with the red and gold theme, so instead I went for the purple/pink and silver theme. Though I heard that this theme is really popular this year it was pretty hard finding any decorations for it. I think my favorite part is the silver fawn, it´s just so cute. I also love the little angle and the fairy lights with santa hats (though that one´s quite short).

I absolutely love my now decorated room and will only leave because otherwise I won´t be able to see my family (and the Christmas tree). Maybe next year I can get a tiny Christmas tree just for myself, that would make it even more perfect!

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  1. Looks so idyllic, I've always wanted to go to Germany for Christmas one year! We were always tried to be pushed in school (back in the day!) to go but I never thought it would be quite as romantic with a teacher tagging along!


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