My Favorite Winter Accessoires

The cold winter has been here for a few weeks now and that means I´ve been wearing hats, headbands and many scarfs. Every year I buy so many new winter essential and then end up wearing just the same ones over and over again. I think I have finally established what my essential winter accessories this year are.

To start off, gloves are absolutely essential because my hands get cold so easily. Normally, I would always go for the ones that separate all fingers but when I saw these ones in H&M, I couldn´t resist. I´ve heard many people say that these gloves keep fingers much warmer and I can only agree! These ones are not only cute on the outside but also have a soft and cozy lining on the inside. My hands have never been warmer.

For headwear I have loved my red knitted hat for two years now and it´s still my favorite hat. I love the color and the knitted look. I have to be honest though and say that I usually don´t wear it over my ears and so it does not really keep them warm. But this year I decided to also buy a grey headband from H&M because everyone around me had one and looked incredibly cute in them. I actually really like this one as it has something special to it with the braided look. It also keeps my ears nicely warm.

Scarfs have always been my favorite accessoire for winter. This year I have taken up an old favorite again. This grey and big loop scarf is just comfy and cozy and so warm. It had its best time but I still love it and will wear it until it´s broken. My newest addition to my winter accessories collection is not as big and not as cozy but it´s this really beautiful and lighter scarf from H&M that adds a bit of color into the grey winter. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love waring it to brighten up my outfit.

As you can see, I am mostly a fan of knitted and cosy winter accessories this year (and I have been for the past two years) but it´s just the best. It keeps you warm and still looks cute and with brighter colors a nice dark red it can also change the look of a whole outfit. I absolutely love them as well as the lighter scarf.

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