Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas! I promised you the second part of my trip to Munich and what better time to give it to you than on the 24th? So here is what I saw on a Christmas market called Tollwood.

My Christmas Decorations

Christmas is so close now I can almost smell the fondue already (yes, over 600 kilometers of distance). I am going home this afternoon and can´t wait to finally see a fully decorated house because my apartment is just lacking in this department. Since my parents are coming to stay with me after the holidays for a few days, I thought I´d set up some Christmas decorations just to trick them into thinking I did so. If you haven´t decorated anything yet as well, this weekend is your chance!

Winter Dreams II

You will probably now that I am quite obsessed with Christmas markets. Since I´ve been living near to Munich now I didn´t want to pass on the opportunity of visiting the Christmas markets there. So instead of listening to a lecture about social psychology I decided to take the train up to Munich instead and it was the right decision.

My Favorite Winter Accessoires

The cold winter has been here for a few weeks now and that means I´ve been wearing hats, headbands and many scarfs. Every year I buy so many new winter essential and then end up wearing just the same ones over and over again. I think I have finally established what my essential winter accessories this year are.

Soap & Glory´s Clean On Me - Review

"Yes, you can have it all... soft, smooth sexy skin whenever you want it, just clean on me." Those words had sold this product to me in no time when I was in London this summer. Now that winter has come, the air is cold and the time of not so smooth skin has come, I finally got around to trying Soap & Glory´s infamous Clean On Me.

Essie Nail Polish Trio - Review

Do you know what the worst thing about Christmas shopping is? You become so tempted to buy other products you don´t really need (neither for a present nor for yourself). For me one of those products was this Essie Nail Polish Trio in beautiful christmassy colors of red, white and gold. Because I don´t own a single nail polish in one of those colors (that´s such a lie!).

Winter Dreams

There are no words to explain how excited I am for Christmas. I have always loved Christmas time since I can remember but this year it´s gotten to a whole new level. I can´t wait to go home for Christmas and at the same time there´s a big Christmas market in my city (and it lasts for four weeks!). Christmas markets and Christmas decorations are probably the two things that make me really excited for the whole time. Everywhere you look it´s just so beautiful and sweet and cheesy (but that´s okay because it´s Christmas time). I already did this last year and I am going to continue it: showing you beautiful pictures of Christmas markets I go to.

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas time has finally come around and that does not only mean that I can now listen to Christmas music all day long. Christmas time has always been the time to be grateful and to gather the people around you that you love. Often we say thank you to those people with nicely wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. I decided that I want to say thank you to all of you for always being nice to me and taking the time to read my little rambles.

20 Things You Don´t Want To Know About Me

Is this a tag already? I don´t know. I just know that I learned quite a lot about myself over the past months with the big cut and all the stress shooting my way. Why not share those things with random people on the internet? (No, you´re actually not random people, I consider you my friends) It´s a bit like the Random Facts About Me Tag but then still not exactly the same. Those are things I don´t necessarily feel the need to tell anyone about because it´s really not something anyone would like to know about me. I hope they humor you nonetheless.

November Favorites

It´s already December and I am in a catch 22 between being overly excited for Christmas and not wanting to believe that the year is almost gone now. Anyways, the start of a new month always means it´s time to share my favorite things from the last one. Writing down my monthly favorites has easily become one of the posts I enjoy doing and reading most. It´s a nice way to reflect on all the positive memories.