Topshop Nail Polish Review

I brought back a lot of goodies from London this summer (as you can see in my London Haul). These two nail polishes from Topshop where something I was really looking forward to try out. I didn´t even want to buy nail polishes when I was there but I just couldn´t resist those pretty colors.

Topshop Nail Polish Prim And Proper

Topshop Matte Nails Nail Polish Fancy Pants

*applied in two layers without topcoat

The first one I tried is the Topshop Matte Nails Nail Polish in Fancy Pants. It´s a gorgeous mint color with just a hint more green in it. I was astonished by the way it dries. I was expecting it to be completely matte but it still has this glow to it that I can´t quite describe (I hope you can see it in the picture). I have to apply three really thin layers or two thicker layers to have it completely opaque and stripe-less. The color lasted about four days without any chipping.  I didn´t love the appliance as much as the brush is a bit too thin and I prefer thicker brushes. Still, it applied without any stripes already in the second layer and I managed to not smudge anything (maybe thin brushes aren´t too bad). Except for the color itself I love how I can apply it looking matte and simply good also make it glossy by applying a layer of topcoat. Also I think the lasting power is pretty good considering I didn´t apply a topcoat.

The other color I bought is Prim And Proper which is a beautiful pastel pink. The color stays very true on the nails and it dries really glossy even without a topcoat. Its brush has the same "problem" because it´s just the same thin one. I even got compliments on how it hasn´t any streaks at all, so the brush can´t be bad. Sadly, I have found this one lasts only about three days with a topcoat and that is kind of disappointing seeing that the other one lasts a day more without topcoat. But other than that, it is a gorgeous nail polish.

I can only say that I think the Topshop packaging is extremely cute and perfectly fits those two colors. I have to admit that I´d wear both colors more in spring and summer. But I have gotten so many compliments for both colors! I know I can handle a thin brush and a not so strong lasting power on the Prim And Proper side and except for that both nail polishes are really good. For those pretty colors I was happy to pay just a little bit more than the average drugstore nail polish and delighted when I found out how good they are but I also have to admit that I wouldn´t go and buy every color they offer because they are just not that good.


  1. Such cute colours, I am a sucker for the Topshop makeup packaging as well aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks for sending me your link on #bbloggers

    Love these shades both really pretty, Topshop packaging is sooo cute!

    Over on my blog I am having a Charlotte Tilbury giveaway if you wanted to enter



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