Topshop Blush - Review

As with all the products I´ve reviewed lately, I bought this blush in London this summer. Even though  we Germans can be envied for our delicious Spaghettieis, when it comes to shopping (make up and fashion) England is way better.  For example, there´s Topshop over there and they not only sell some cute outfits but also pretty great make up. In the same shopping spree when I picked up the Topshop Nail Polishes I also couldn´t resist to buy the Topshop Blush in the color Flush.

The simple white packaging with the dots is typical for Topshop and cute as always. I love that there is a pretty big mirror inside because it makes re-applying on the go so much easier. The packaging does that satisfying click when you close it which makes me incredibly happy for some reason. I also really like the name Flush. It´s cute and it fits the color.

I am quite helpless when it comes to applying cream blushes, so I was relieved when I found a tiny instruction on the back of the packaging. It says to dot the product on your cheeks and blend it out. I found that the blush is very blendable. Even though it looks like a bright pink in the packaging, it actually is more of a subtle pink that can look like a healthy flush if you blend it out well enough. Though this is such an easy way to apply the blush I like to apply it with a brush. That leaves me with a subtle and naturally looking flush, a perfect blush for the cold times when the chilled air makes all our cheeks go red anyway. I do have to say that this technique leaves fibres of the brush in the blush.

Personally, I love this blush and have been wearing it for the past weeks non-stop. It´s such a beautiful color that perfectly fits its name. I can wear it on a normal day as well as a night out (just dab on a bit more). I think you get a great product for just the drugstore prices. When I come back to London, I will get some other colors of this blush for sure!

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