The Smallest Haul

I think this might be the smallest haul in the history of hauls (or at least the smallest I´ve ever written) but sometimes these small hauls are all that we need to make us happy. This one in particular did make me happy because I only spent 2€.

At the beginning of the month I did a pretty big shopping spree (you know, because that´s when students actually have money) and bought most of the clothing at H&M. To my luck they were giving out 5€ gift cards at that time and sneaky me managed to get two. I had almost forgotten about them when a friend reminded me that today was the last day to use them. So I went into H&M directly after uni and saved 10€.

I love my midi rings and personally, I don´t think I can ever have enough of them. I fell in love with the small gold ones with these small stones on them immediately. They look absolutely gorgeous and they were only 2.99€. I bought the bigger V-shaped ones at the same price too but I wasn´t so in love with them at first. Then I realized I lost my V-shaped gold ring and so these were in my basket in no time after that. I don´t think I´ll wear the V-shaped ring with the stones in it as much but the simple V-shaped one was so worth it.

The last thing I opted for was a headband. I always connected headbands with my mother and didn´t think they were in fashion but apparently they are. I really like the look of young people wearing those cute headbands that you can find in stores right now. This is not something I owned before but I liked this one with the braided look and I took the chance of getting it for (almost) free. I feel like I could actually wear this a lot this year.

Yep, that´s it. I told you it was a really small haul. But I am really happy with it because I feel like I will actually wear the things I bought a lot. For me that´s one of the best things: when you save money and get a good wear out of it.


  1. Those rings are lovely! Sometimes the smallest hauls are the best ones, especially with such beautiful things like this. x

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I am very happy with this little haul :)
      xx Lisa


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