Taylor Swift "1989" Review

For years and years I have been a fan of Taylor Swift. I have never been that interested in the number of guys she dated or how her songs where about them, I just loved her music and her voice. With "1989" she released her fifth studio album on October 27th.

"1989" is the first of Taylor´s album in the genre pop but honestly, there has always been a pop influence in her music and especially her forth album "Red" already had a strong pop sound to it. By the style of her music and melodies I can still tell that all songs are definitely from her. It´s not the classic country music anymore that she started out with when she was 15. She has grown as a person and her music has grown with her which I think is an amazing thing. I get every song stuck in my head just like I did with her first album.

The songs on the new album are more positive than the ones one "Red" and Taylor herself says that it´s because she´s in a much happier place now. Like all of her songs the 16 new ones (on the deluxe version) have taken their inspiration out of her life which makes them so relatable. For me, they are all songs I want to sing out loud. I can´t even decide which one is my favorite as I am not even skipping one song when I am playing the album on shuffle. The only thing I am missing is a really calm song I can play in the evening when I am trying to sleep. "Clean" and "This Love" are relatively calm in comparism to the rest of the album but still have a certain beat to them. All the other songs, especially "Out Of The Woods" and "Wonderland" and "Style" have to be played on maximum and sung loudly to from time to time. Still there is no "classic" pop song on the album like the ones playing on the radio all the time  ("Shake it off" is the exception).

The first single that was released was "Shake it off" which went Number 1 in a lot of countries around the world. While there was a lot of criticism about how Taylor had abandoned her style completely, I was just in love with the song and it´s meaning. Seriously, I was watching the video on repeat and when I wasn´t watching the video, I was listening to the song on my phone. I couldn´t wait for the new album ever since I heard "Shake it off". The rest of the songs certainly didn´t disappoint. As mentioned above they still represent Taylor´s own style and I can never get them out of my head.

As I have the deluxe version (what else would you expect?) I was surprised not to only find three bonus tracks but also three voice memos. Taylor is showing the fans voice memos she has recorded for or with other writers involved in the songs "I Know Places", "I Wish You Would" and "Blank Space". It´s really interesting to see how she has written songs and it underlines her statement that songs come to her in a different way each time. Also we hear her sing while playing the song on a guitar which reminds me a bit of the old Taylor and it sounds amazing. Her voice on those little recordings is almost the same in the fully produced songs, so it also shows that here hasn´t been changed much about it.

If you haven´t heard any songs from her new album or were disappointed by "Shake it off" I suggest you check out the other songs on the album and if not even "This Love" can get you, come back to me and I´ll figure out a way to make you love the album.  I think there is at least one song for everyone on it. After I´ve praised this album to the top, it is probably no surprise that I bought tickets to Taylor´s 1989 World Tour for the concert in Cologne next summer. I am just so excited!

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