Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick - Review

Ever since I started reading blogs, this lipstick has been one of the most raved about products. I went through a phase of hating not living in England as Rimmel products are not available in Germany. As with many other products I took the chance I had when I was in London this past summer and bought it. Sadly, summer is not really the time for a really dark lip, so I didn´t get around wearing it until now.

I bought the infamous color 107 which is a dark red with a blue undertone making it almost look purple. I absolutely adore the design of the packaging. The red, the "Kate <3", the crown at the top, everything is just so pretty. It makes me smile when I see this lipstick. I have found the smell of the lipstick (because yes, it has a smell) kind of weird. I don´t hate it but I also don´t really like it. Luckily, I have never smelled it after the direct appliance, so as long as it doesn´t make you throw up, you will be okay.

I was a bit scared of the color and the formula of this lipstick at first. Firstly, because I haven´t really worn dark and bold lipstick before and secondly, because matte lipsticks are famous for drying out your lips. This lipstick surprised me in both ways. I feel really comfortable wearing this color because I know I can trust it and it is drying my lips out but to a point where a swipe of Labello will fix it over night. The color is not fully matte and still has this gorgeous shine/glow to it. The lipstick feels soft and smooth while applying it  and the drying is only noticeable after a few hours of wearing it.

Another thing that really surprised me about this lipstick was its lasting power. I was kind of afraid of smearing this lipstick or it fading away unevenly and too fast when there´s not a bathroom right near me. I should´t have worried about that because this lipstick is amazing. It can easily last up to 8 hours even with a lot of drinking and eating. It loses its glow and fades a bit but it´s all evenly and you only have to touch it up once if you are wearing it for a whole day (though I like to touch it up more often throughout the day). But there´s really no point in worrying about anything with this lipstick. You can basically hold it under a stream of water and it won´t smudge unless you rub it with your hand. I would´t touch it up without a mirror though, it´s still a dark red color in the end.

I am still blown away by the quality of this lipstick. I absolutely love the color and the formula is just amazing. I hope I can get my hands on a few more colors soon. This product is definitely worth the hype it gets. It can easily hold up with high end lipsticks and that for a drugstore price.

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