What´s In My Emergency Kit

Even though my thoughts are more often a mess than not I am that kind of person that has a pretty neat handbag. I hate when everything´s stuffed into that bit of place and it just ends up being messy. That´s why I bought this little make up bag in Primark at the start of this year. It´s so cute with the dots and the little bow and with it having two pockets it´s incredibly large. It just fits everything I need to take with me no matter what handbag I am using.

The first case is reserved for everything I need to touch up my make up or my hair. Obviously there´s a tiny brush in there (which I have stolen from my mom). Additionally, I have my Maybelline Fit Me Powder in there to touch up my make up and keep me from shining at any given moment. My Blistex Happy Lips and the The Body Shop Mango Handcream come in so very handy in winter. I hate the feeling of dry lips and dry hands, so these two are absolutely necessary for me! I add in my Maybelline Baby Lips and whatever lipstick or lipgloss I am wearing that day.

The other case holds everything else and mostly products that are important in case of an emergency (mostly due to my clumsiness). There´s plasters in there and there was a small tube of healing ointment which I seem to have lost right now. I will replace it though! A stick of magnesium powder comes in very handy in case of muscle pain (that happens a lot to me when I walk too much). I keep at least one tampon in there because a girl got to be always prepared (and I might forget to pack one). Desinfectant wipes and a tissue  are things everyone should always carry around. Pills against pain and travel sickness come in handy from time to time as well.  That weird thing in there is a toe spreader that I need in case any of my toe nails starts to get an infection. It helps to take the pressure off of that toe nail so that the infection goes away again. Lastly, I also carry around two pens and a pink highlighter to be always able to work or sign something (things that only adults need to care about *sigh*).

With this little emergency kit I always feel prepared when i leave my house (except when I forget my emergency kit at home). It´s amazing how organized my bag suddenly is and how much space there is for other important stuff that nobody actually needs. For me it´s the best way to have everything at hand and always be prepared.

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