Kiko Purifying Scrub - Review

By now you should all be well aware that my skin isn´t the clearest. In fact, I have a pretty troubling and imperfect skin. Whenever a product promises to clear my skin, you can probably find it in my basket seconds after seeing it. This behaviour led me to buy the Kiko Purifying Scrub last time I went into Kiko (and it was on sale, so it couldn´t be bad).

With astringend active ingredients and natural micro-granules the scrub is supposed to free obstructed pores, minimize blackheads and imperfections, smooth and delicately exfoliate your skin. Sounds like the miracles every skin product is promising, doesn´t it? After having tested the scrub for almost three weeks, I can say that most of these promises are actually kept.

When they say „micro-granules“ on the packaging, expect those granules to be incredibly small. With that I have found that it is a really gentle scrub that doesn´t feel too harsh on my skin and actually gets all the left makeup out of my pores. My skin feels really refreshed and clear from the day after using this scrub. The downside of such microscopic granules is that you can´t get them all off of your face. It felt really weird the first few times to still have some of the micro-granules on my skin afterwards but it´s something I got used to. I actually have also felt that my skin got a bit smoother.

Additionally, I can say that my imperfections and blackheads have reduced since I´ve been using this scrub. It´s not like I have no imperfections at all now (such a miracle is impossible) but I get less pimples and the ones I get go away faster than before. It could be my imagination but I also feel like my pores minimized a bit due to this product.

The product comes in a pretty average tube that has a very sleek design. The green writing gives me a happy and upbeat feeling when I look at it. I paid about six euro (on sale) for 75ml and after three weeks I still got about a quarter of it left, I think that´s okay. The only downside with this product ist hat there is perfume listed in the ingredients (and I can smell it as well). Generally, perfumed products are not really perfect for skin with blemishes (I´ll blame it not removing all my imperfections on this) as it influences the skin badly and creates even more imperfections. I think it´s kind of conflicting to create a perfumed product for blemished skin.

In the end, I can only say that it has been good for my skin. I would rebuy this product as the feel of it on my skin is so much better than what I can get at the drugstore. It´s no miracle product but it does a good job.

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