Halloween Make Up & Haul

I am probably the last person in the world to write a Halloween themed blogpost this year (yes, because it´s the day after Halloween). I just never realized how near Halloween was and it just struck me on Tuesday. That´s also the day me and a friend decided to go to a Halloween party. On Wednesday we came up with the "lame" plan to go  as devils and on Thursday we went shopping to get what we needed. Here´s everything we bought (and there´s a lot of red involved).

Yes, I didn´t own a red shirt before and had to get a new one. Also it´s really hard to find red eyeshadow that glitters if you don´t want to spend a fortune on it, so we had to go without it. The products we bought are not great quality but we are poor students and except for the lipstick, I am not even sure I´ll use any of these products again. But I am very happy with all the things we got (this time buying cheap didn´t necessarily equal bad quality) and I think we made excellent devils.

For our make up we followed an older tutorial by Julia Graf. It explains every step so very well and makes it extremely easy to recreate this look. For me, it made a make up that looks quite difficult so very easy. I have experienced that with a lot of her tutorials! I think I did a pretty good job with recreating it and I am proud of myself (a year ago I wouldn´t have gotten it this good). The only thing we didn´t do was bleaching our eyebrows because that seemed a bit extreme for just one night. You can click here to see the tutorial.

I don´t think you are still waiting for a costume idea (especially not one as lame as this one). You probably all went out last night or just stayed in bed (depends on how much you like Halloween) and both of these things are fine. I just wanted to share this tutorial with you as it is a really great one! Sometimes 

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