Ed Sheeran in Concert

It´s a well known saying that spontaneous decisions are the best ones. After the experience I had this past weekend, I couldn´t agree more with this. By coincidence I found out that Ed Sheeran was on a tour in Germany and playing in Munich on November 17th. Lucky me that I now live close to Munich and that I have found some amazing friends that were willing to go with me.  Also we were really lucky that there were pretty cheap tickets still left that surprisingly had a good view. So on Monday us five girls went to Munich to see Ed Sheeran.

I was really surprised by how good our seats were. They were basically beside the stage but since it was an open stage, it didn´t bother our view. To our advantage, Ed didn´t have a big show on stage. It´s just him with his guitar and this loop machine at his feet. He was wearing this yellow check shirt and it kind of was adorable. Without bothering with an introduction he went straight into "I´m A Mess" and I was blown away by it.

You know how with today´s technique you should always be skeptical towards musicians as they can alter a lot while recording  and hearing them live might be disappointing? Well, that´s so not the case with Ed. I would say he sings at least as good as on records if not even better. His voice is really amazing. The things he can do are incredible. He can sing (obviously) and play guitar while also handling the loop machine. Additionally, he actually is a good rapper and can do some beatboxing. Like what?! 

He has a really marvelous character that you can totally see when you see him perform. He animated the audience to sing with him (he literally said it was his job to have us leave with no voice left), he walked around the stage and completely filled it though he was on it alone, the way he talked and what he said in between the songs is just so funny and so natural. The five of us walked in thinking he wasn´t the hottest guy on the planet but we all fell in love with him during the concert.

Ed Sheeran is known for his slow songs in Germany and I was surprised (and honestly a bit sad) that he mostly played his more upbeat songs. They are still amazing (you can read my review on his album here) but I would have liked to hear just a few more of the slower songs. But I can understand that he wanted to create an amazing atmosphere (which he did) and wanted the audience to leave with a happy feeling. Maybe that was why he left us without saying goodbye while we were still singing "Sing". When he did sing a slower song and everyone took out their phones/lights, the atmosphere was even more amazing! But in general the venue and lights/screen effects were great! The concert was a bit short but it was incredible and I can´t stop listening to the audios we recorded!

Just a few words to his supporter. Saint Raymond is (if I trust my research) kind of a mixture between a band and a single artist even though only he himself is Saint Raymond. I didn´t know him before and was surprised to find is music much to my liking. I would call it upbeat/happy rock but it´s described as a mixture of things. I now listen to his music on Spotify and I like it even more. He´s definitely worth checking out!

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