Clearing My Head

Do you know this feeling of having too much information stuffed into your brain at once so that every bit of creativity just flies away to give you more room? I can definitely say that I felt a look like this lately (one tip: if you start uni, start summarizing the lectures early or you´ll never ever catch up!). While I am typing this away I feel a slight headache coming my way and I could´t be happier to go out and have a coffee with friends in a half an hour. Whenever I feel like this, I know I should take a step back from all the work and just relax in order to clear my head. I know a lot of you are probably in school/uni and feel the same way, so I have put together a list of my favorite things to clear my head (because we all know just taking a break doesn´t relax when your thoughts are still swirling around the topic).

Take A Walk
It´s every mother´s tip, right? But here´s the thing: it actually works. Fresh air is always good for clearing your mind and with all the things happening around you, your mind gets completely distracted from the load of work waiting for you at home. Your circulatory will thank you as well because a lack of eating and exercise during heavy work/study loads is what causes you to faint easier.

I think this is the most boring tip to ever give but somehow it works for me. Taking a step back from work and cleaning my room or doing the dishes has become of the most relaxing activities for me. By being forced to organize my environment I forget everything about what I am studying for the moment. Also with the new organized environment I feel like I can organize my thought way easier.

Reading Poetry
I´ve said it already a few times but it´s still true: I love poetry. Reading it and not even necessarily understanding it (who in the world actually understands Shakespeare fully?!) just calms me down. Seeing the world or aspects of it from a lyrical perspective is something so beautiful that I instantly feel relaxed. Just like the other ones it also gets your head away from work.

It seems a bit odd to socialize with friends when you have too much to do and too less time already but in fact talking to others or trying to complain your current study problem to them can loosen the knot your head had tied around the problem. On a side note, a good chat with friends can set your mind at ease (especially if laughing is involved in that chat) and (again) lets your thoughts go in a totally different direction. It doesn´t even have to be an hour and a coffee (but it should be at least once a week), a quick call or a few messages back and forth are already enough.

Dancing It Out
You know Meredith and Cristina´s infamous Dance Out (God, how much I miss Cristina Yang!) is actually my favorite way to relax. Headphones in, music on, volume turned up and go. It doesn´t have to look nice, it doesn´t have to be technically perfect, it only has to be fun. The movements will loosen your muscles and the music will take your mind off. If you feel very creative you could even go bold and connect your current study topic with a melody and dance moves a lá Hannah Montana (anyone else remember that episode?).

Writing & Photography
It´s a blogger´s habit but naturally taking pictures and writing just instantly relaxes me. It´s my passion and I love it. I love how it organizes my thoughts and takes my mind off at the same time. The beauty I see through my camera´s lens just has me relaxed within seconds. I can also mix this one with taking a walk and have an even better effect.

To be honest, I love studying at uni. I am soaking up ever piece of information I get but it can all just seem a bit much at times (especially mixed with a visit home and a cold). I have used all of these techniques recently and I can only say that they helped me. Maybe you´re a different kind of person and don´t think just taking your mind off (have I said it enough already?) is the best way, then find your own ways. I just like these ways the best because they make me worry less.

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