Autumn Scenery

I think I´ve have already said it too often in Twitter Bloggerchats, but I will say it again: I love autumn and its scenery. It´s just so beautiful when the sun shines through the colored leaves and makes them appear golden. Just in general the atmosphere in the woods is amazing with so many crunchy leaves on the ground, the slight chill in the air and the dark trees.

When the sun had surrounded the whole town for the whole day a few weeks back, I instantly grabbed my camera when I was packing my bag for uni. My university lies on a pretty steep hill with an amazing view and many woods surrounding the two big buildings. Even when it´s all grey outside, the nature surrounding you gives you a good atmosphere. Sadly, the sun had hidden behind a big cloud by the time I made my way up to uni (damn busses always being too slow!). I think I still snapped some great pictures that really capture the autumn atmosphere.

Another thing I really love about autumn is cuddling up with a blanket and a hot drink (and maybe a hot boyfriend?) and watch TV shows while it´s raining/storming outside. The only downside is that it actually gets pretty cold too early. I would love to enjoy the autumn scenery with just a top on but nope, I already had to get my big old coat out of the closet (didn´t have to wear it yet though!). Still I love autumn and I think I have just realized it this year. I just hope I am not the only person so in love with autumn.

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