Topshop Blush - Review

As with all the products I´ve reviewed lately, I bought this blush in London this summer. Even though  we Germans can be envied for our delicious Spaghettieis, when it comes to shopping (make up and fashion) England is way better.  For example, there´s Topshop over there and they not only sell some cute outfits but also pretty great make up. In the same shopping spree when I picked up the Topshop Nail Polishes I also couldn´t resist to buy the Topshop Blush in the color Flush.

The Smallest Haul

I think this might be the smallest haul in the history of hauls (or at least the smallest I´ve ever written) but sometimes these small hauls are all that we need to make us happy. This one in particular did make me happy because I only spent 2€.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick - Review

Ever since I started reading blogs, this lipstick has been one of the most raved about products. I went through a phase of hating not living in England as Rimmel products are not available in Germany. As with many other products I took the chance I had when I was in London this past summer and bought it. Sadly, summer is not really the time for a really dark lip, so I didn´t get around wearing it until now.

What´s In My Emergency Kit

Even though my thoughts are more often a mess than not I am that kind of person that has a pretty neat handbag. I hate when everything´s stuffed into that bit of place and it just ends up being messy. That´s why I bought this little make up bag in Primark at the start of this year. It´s so cute with the dots and the little bow and with it having two pockets it´s incredibly large. It just fits everything I need to take with me no matter what handbag I am using.

Ed Sheeran in Concert

It´s a well known saying that spontaneous decisions are the best ones. After the experience I had this past weekend, I couldn´t agree more with this. By coincidence I found out that Ed Sheeran was on a tour in Germany and playing in Munich on November 17th. Lucky me that I now live close to Munich and that I have found some amazing friends that were willing to go with me.  Also we were really lucky that there were pretty cheap tickets still left that surprisingly had a good view. So on Monday us five girls went to Munich to see Ed Sheeran.

Kiko Purifying Scrub - Review

By now you should all be well aware that my skin isn´t the clearest. In fact, I have a pretty troubling and imperfect skin. Whenever a product promises to clear my skin, you can probably find it in my basket seconds after seeing it. This behaviour led me to buy the Kiko Purifying Scrub last time I went into Kiko (and it was on sale, so it couldn´t be bad).

Clearing My Head

Do you know this feeling of having too much information stuffed into your brain at once so that every bit of creativity just flies away to give you more room? I can definitely say that I felt a look like this lately (one tip: if you start uni, start summarizing the lectures early or you´ll never ever catch up!). While I am typing this away I feel a slight headache coming my way and I could´t be happier to go out and have a coffee with friends in a half an hour. Whenever I feel like this, I know I should take a step back from all the work and just relax in order to clear my head. I know a lot of you are probably in school/uni and feel the same way, so I have put together a list of my favorite things to clear my head (because we all know just taking a break doesn´t relax when your thoughts are still swirling around the topic).

Autumn Scenery

I think I´ve have already said it too often in Twitter Bloggerchats, but I will say it again: I love autumn and its scenery. It´s just so beautiful when the sun shines through the colored leaves and makes them appear golden. Just in general the atmosphere in the woods is amazing with so many crunchy leaves on the ground, the slight chill in the air and the dark trees.

Taylor Swift "1989" Review

For years and years I have been a fan of Taylor Swift. I have never been that interested in the number of guys she dated or how her songs where about them, I just loved her music and her voice. With "1989" she released her fifth studio album on October 27th.

Topshop Nail Polish Review

I brought back a lot of goodies from London this summer (as you can see in my London Haul). These two nail polishes from Topshop where something I was really looking forward to try out. I didn´t even want to buy nail polishes when I was there but I just couldn´t resist those pretty colors.

October Favorites

It´s already November and as always I can´t believe how fast the time has passed. I had to have a look at my calendars (which I still haven´t changed to November) to make sure "October" was right in the heading. October was a busy month for me. I started uni and am still figuring out how it all works but it´s fun so far (as much fun as studying can be). I didn´t try out many new things but the ones I tried were great.

Halloween Make Up & Haul

I am probably the last person in the world to write a Halloween themed blogpost this year (yes, because it´s the day after Halloween). I just never realized how near Halloween was and it just struck me on Tuesday. That´s also the day me and a friend decided to go to a Halloween party. On Wednesday we came up with the "lame" plan to go  as devils and on Thursday we went shopping to get what we needed. Here´s everything we bought (and there´s a lot of red involved).