September Favorites

Even writing the title to this post felt totally weird. I can´t believe we´re already in October. That means there´s only three months until it´s Christmas. Where did the rest of the year just go? But in old blogging routine, here go my favorites for the month September. This time they are a bit more random.

This month I rediscovered the miracle that is water. I´ve only started drinking three litres each day a week ago and my skin is already looking better than ever. I have understood the cycle of my body so much that I know that normally my skin would totally break out around this time of the month (ya know, shortly after that time of the month) and I have even less pimples on my face than normally. That is, indeed, a miracle to me.

I am sure almost every girl own those flower pots from Ikea. I initally bought the bigger ones that have the lace design just on the top but they ended up being way too big, so I brought them back and opted for the smaller ones that have this lace design all over them. One of them is holding my brushes and the other one is looking so pretty while holding all my earings. It´s really hard getting them out of there and putting them in there but I love the look of it! Speaking of flowers. This blanket is also from Ikea and it has this flower pattern that fits perfectly with the boxes I have in my room. The colors are just pretty and fit right into my room as well. I´ve been using it as bedspread to make my room look all pretty during the day. I simply top it off with three pillows .

Since I am living alone now I have to do my laundry all by myself and have to go to a laundrette to do it. At least I´ve got this washing agent by Lenor. It´s called `Amethyst Bl├╝tentraum´. I am not sure if it´s available outside of Germany but it´s the one in the dark purple bottle. I absolutely love the smell of it and it just makes me really happy!

These two last things are my absolute favorite things this month. I absolutely loe my pink Superman shirt to pieces. It´s from New Yorker and I actually tried it on in all different sizes and colors because they didn´t have the pink one in my size. I then asked the lady at the counter if there was a chance they had it in stock somewhere and guess what, they did! I am so happy and love wearing this.

Last but not least my TV is one of my favorites this month. I never had a TV in my room or all to myself, I always had to share one with my sister and we only used it to connect our laptops to it and do some workouts because we didn´t like the room it was in much. Now my dad selected this Samsung TV for me. It is relatively new, has all these cool gadgets that I don´t really get but it has an amazing quality to it. I love it so much because I can watch Youtube on it. I mean, how cool is that? I have barely touched my iPad since I own this TV.

I know I haven´t had one single beauty favorite this month but moving out and sorting my stuff out doesn´t really require anthing else than BB cream, concealer and mascara if it even requires make up. But that will change as soon as next Monday comes around because I am starting uni then. I´ve got no more excuses to not wear make up then.

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