My Bucket List

When I was having such a long break from school and everything in general in summer, I often had the feeling that I wasn´t achieving anything while others were seeing the whole world. I still feel like that a lot of times. As a result I started a bucket list and it always reminds me that I still have a chance at experiencing those moments because I am still very young (my life basically just starts now). I don´t know if this is a Tag yet (I haven´t found one) but I´d like to make it one.

- Link back to the person who tagged you/inspired you (if you´d like to you can give me some credit as well)
- List 20 things that are on your bucket list. They don´t have to be in order and you don´t have to explain any of them (but you can if you want to)
- Tag at least 3 other people who should do this tag as well

I  know the rules are obvious but I thought I´d state them to clear any possible questions. Here we go now; here´s my bucket list.

1. Get a degree (maybe even a Phd)
2. See as many different places in the world as possible (maybe the whole world?!)
3. Live abroad for some time
4. Receive a book-like-super-duper-amazing-can´t-stop-thinking-about-it kiss
5. Get Married
6. Find a Job that fulfills me
7. Keep writing until I physically can´t anymore (be it fictional stories or blogging)
8. Be an amazing mother like mine is
9. Meet a celebrity
10. Write a book
11. Own a place/a house
12. Dance a Contemporary solo on a stage
13. Find one group of friends that´ll last me for the rest of my life
14. Own every movie I like to watch
15. Read one of Shakespeare´s books in it´s entirety
16. See a Musical at Broadway
17. Learn to play one instrument
18. Surf one perfect wave
19. Own a pet
20. Never regret one decision I made when I look back

Some of my wishes are simple and some are extraordinary. That´s the beautiful thing with bucket lists, they differ from one to another. They teach us a lot about the person that wrote it. I´d love to hear 20 bucket lists wishes from:

Carolin from Style Lingua
Penny from Lillies and Love
Emma from Wallflower Wardrobe

If you want to, feel free to do this tag as well. Leave me the top three bucket list wishes of yours in the comments because I really want to know them! Oh, and if you have already achieved a thing on your bucket list, tell me all about it! I´d love to hear your stories.


  1. This is such a lovely idea!! I have never made a bucket list but I think that it is such an amazing thing to create and you can look at it in many years to come to see how far you have come!!

    1. It´s a great idea. I wish I was already in the future and could see which things I have accomplished.
      xx Lisa

  2. Great bucket list! Always good to have something to aim for and got to love a list! You can view my Bucket List on my blog in the top bar - I've been working on it for a year or so now :-) xx


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