The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

When it was time for me to move out I did one major shopping trip to get everything I still needed at that point. On a limp I also picked up the Mango Hand Cream when I was strolling through The Body Shop. After a few weeks of using it now I think I can tell you if it´s worth picking up.

I don´t have big thoughts on the packaging. It is pretty similar to the L´occitane hand creams with the grey aluminium tube. There´s the sticker embedded in the tube that shows the The Body Shop label and is in the typical peach/orange color that is all of the Mango range. I do absolutely love the screw-cape. I am that one person that always screws the caps on in that weird angle but somehow that´s not possible with this cap. It also feels strong enough not to unscrew by itself but easy enough to unscrew without any effort. The size is perfect for throwing it into your handbag.

The Mango range has always been my favorite scent from The Body Shop and this hand cream is no exception. It smells like everything else in the range: fruity and sweet but not too overpowering. It lingers around in the air for about two hours after I applied the cream but you can´t smell it from the opposite side of the room. What I love about this hand cream is that it absorbs within two minutes. It feels really soft on the skin and is easy to rub all over my hands. A pea big amount is definitely enough. I can´t say that it feels or is the most nourishing hand cream I have ever used but I wouldn´t want that. My hands feel soft and nice afterwards and that is enough for a hand cream on the go.

It´s definitely not the hand cream I would use if my hands were badly damaged but for everyday use and throwing it into my handbag it is just right. I love the scent but if you are not a fan of the Mango range they offer the hand cream in other scents as well. If you´re looking for an everyday hand cream, I would definitely get one of the The Body Shop Hand Creams.

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