All Those Happy Things

Moving out is a rough procress, I think I mentioned that quite a few times already but I really mean it. I also never had the greatest of luck. Whatever could go wrong over the past two weeks did go totally wrong. Worst thing yet: Rode my bike up the steep hill to my uni to get my seasonal ticket for the bus when the selling point was already closed. I then read on that selling point that I could have gotten it at the train station 2 minutes from my apartment away. I think a list of little and simple things that did make me happy over the past two weeks is in order.

- Buying Pitch Perfect on sale. I thought the movie was cute when I first watched it but Tumblr had me falling in love with it.

- Ordering my personalised day planner for uni. I put in pictures of my friends, my family and I and it just made me happy.

- Seeing the list of things I still need to buy shrink. I am getting there slowly, in some time I can save the rest of my weekly allowance on stuff I actually want and not necessarily need.

-  The sun coming out for one last time. We had such a couple of beautiful and warm days when the sun just wouldn´t stop shining. Beautiful.

- Talking to my sister on Skype. She just came back from her (and my old) school to Rome and she told me all about it. But I do miss hugging her.

- Cleaning my room every morning. It just looks so much nicer throughout the day and I love it.

- Getting a package from my Mom with some of the stuff I left at home. I´ve got my beloved scarfs and hats here, Winter can come!

- Watching Youtube on my TV. It´s just such a great quality and such a big screen, I love it!

- Picking a such a lovely winner for my first giveaway. I couldn´t be happier that Eloise was chosen at random. She´s just such a cute and lovely girl!

- Only buying healthy foods and therefore living really healthy. Also drinking three litres each day. I am so proud of myself and I feel so much better!

I know that I am not the first one to come up with this idea. Actually, I took this idea from Jess´ Simple Sunday series as I love reading her posts so much and they always make me happy. I can definitely say that writing this list for myself has me looking forward to the next weeks. Even if not everything goes right in the next weeks, there will still be some things that can make me happy.

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