A Fresh Start

the picture is horrible which kind of proves my point
It´s a classic cliché: When women want to start over they get a new haircut. Personally, I have never met a woman who actually got a new haircut because of a breakup. I have been really annoyed with my hair for a long time now and as I was moving out anyway, there was no better time to get rid of old stuff.

and this is how I look now!

Before I moved out my mom made a point that I needed an extra pair of glasses if I ever broke my actual ones. She insisted that I got my sight checked and voila! I definitely needed a new pair anyway. Trying on new glasses is the weirdest thing. I am so used to my current glasses that I can´t say wether other glasses look good or horrible. But I had a feeling with these ones. Somehow they felt just right and my face did actually look almost good with them. Now that I had them for a few weeks and I couldn´t be happier. They fit my face just perfectly.

As I said before, I absolutely hated my hair. It was feeling like straw and looking like it as well. I wanted it to be long but I didn´t care too much for it. It was long and nothing else. I got almost 20 cm of it cut off, parted it into a different way and also shortened my fringe a bit. It feels so much better now and looks better as well. I have more volume at my scalp and my hair doesn´t form strands at the ends. I will now care for it more so that it doesn´t go back to its dry and straw-like look. My hairdresser (she was such a beauty in a totally cool way!) also told me that hair rinse is absolutely bad for the hair. It might feel really great when you get out of the shower but as soon as you blow dry your hair, the hair rinse dries your hair out. From now on, I am only using conditioner.

I am satisfied with how I look right now. I absolutely like it even though I have to stop at a mirror from time to time just to remember that I am looking like that. I might not have changed a lot of but the exact right things. I don´t know if it´s just my imagination but I think I look more grown up now and I am very happy with that. I feel ready to go to uni now.


  1. I definitely only made small changes but I feel like those were the exact changes I needed to make to feel comfortable with myself again. Maybe it weren´t just my thighs that annoyed me so much about my appereance as I haven´t thought that much about them since I moved out.
    Thank you for your lovely words!
    xx Lisa

  2. Love the hair, I really need to get my hair cut too to give it some more life! Those glasses really suit you too, choosing new glasses is always so tricky!

    Lo at Notebook54

    1. Thank you! I was kind of nervous before I actually got my hair cut but I am so happy that I did it! It´s shorter but it feels so much better now.
      xx Lisa


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